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doubleVee "Treat Her Strangely (Rough Trade Publishing)"

Husband-wife duo doubleVee have announced new album Treat Her Strangely for July 15th, 2022, with singles coming up in May and June. Like many musicians who have persevered during the pandemic, their nine new songs were written and recorded while staying holed up in their home studio as much as possible.

Three guest musicians recorded parts on various songs on the album: Brent Williams handled violin and viola, Christi Wans played the trumpet and piccolo trumpet and Kevin Webb performed trombone parts.

Allan Vest and Barb [Hendrickson] Vest both had backgrounds that made for a good match in music when they started working together in 2012, including Vest’s contributions to the band Starlight Mints and TV and film placements and Hendrickson’s long stint on public radio creating a film music program. They released a concept album as their debut album in 2017, The Moonlit Fables of Jack the Rider. Their follow-up EP Songs for Birds and Bats was released in 2019.

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