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Erasure "World Be Gone (Mute)"

Few things are as comforting as knowing that Erasure are still a band, 17 studio albums in. Note to bands with aspirations of longevity: be from London, and maybe give synthpop a try? It’s a genre that lends itself to sticking around if you are good at what you do, and Erasure are the very best at it. Now’s the part of the blurb where I’m supposed to tell you what Erasure sound like. I mean… you totally know, right? Right? I don’t have to describe Erasure to you.. Have you spent at least one night in a club over the last 30 years? Then you’ve heard an Erasure tune, guaranteed. And you are about to hear one more. Check out the first single from World Be Gone (Mute), “Love You To The Sky.”