The Rest Of The Emmys

Like a lot of awards shows, The Emmys only have so much air time to present awards. Usually, those awards then go largely unnoticed. But this year will be different. We asked Emmy herself if she’d like to present all the awards that didn’t get air time on this week’s blog. Turns out the awards aren’t run by just one woman named Emmy, but they agreed to do so anyway. Take it away!


…and the award for strangest gorilla costume opening since 2001: A Space Odyssey goes to Spider Bags for their video for “Burning Sand.”



…and the award for the best use of the 4:3 aspect ratio goes to Grapetooth and their video for “Red Wine.”



…and the award for the best Sneaks song youtube commenter Ben Rowe has ever heard goes to “Beliefs.”




…and the award for “Best new single from a band that is TOTALLY OPENING FOR DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE RIGHT NOW!!!” goes to Charly Bliss for the infectious new tune “Heaven.”



…and the award for the best use of presidential masks since Point Break goes to Sweet Spirit for their new tune excellent tune “Touch.”



…and the award for best fight coordinating (non-Netflix comic book show category) goes to The Dodos for “SX3.”


Thanks for tuning in,