Ted On The Shelf!

If there is one thing we here at Bank Robber Music excel at it’s music licensing. If there’s two things we excel at, it’s music licensing and running a good “joke” into the ground. Which is why it’s time now to introduce this year’s (Blank) On The Shelf photo contest! You may remember from years past such exciting contests as Alf On The Shelf, Arthur 2: On The Shelf, and Murder, She Elf. This year, we are going with everyone’s favorite blustery actor, Ted Knight! Get ready for #TedOnTheShelf!

Why, you may ask, did we choose Ted Knight? Why not? He was great on the Mary Tyler Moore Show! He’s AMAZING in Caddyshack! And who didn’t love Too Close For Comfort, right? (Monroe sure made him mad, didn’t he?)

So you know the rules. Print out the pic of Ted below, cut him out, and take some fun holiday pics with Ted. Then, post them and tag us. So what should happen if you win? Well… You’ll get nothing and like it!

Kidding. There is a great prize involved. So get your creative juices flowing!




Thanks for playing!