Well here we are. The dog days of summer. Once the MLB All Star game is over, and until the end of August, it’s dog days officially-according to me, who made up that rule, just now. So how are we gonna spend these oppressively humid days? By checking out some new music, of course (coincidently, that’s also how we spend the dead of winter, the rite of spring, and the decay of autumn, all of which are totally a thing). So let’s begin, shall we?

Is everyone watching Twin Peaks? How about that episode 8? Did everyone else think they accidentally took a hit of acid? The astute viewer will have noticed that this past week featured the second appearance of our pals in Au Revoir Simone! (warning: there is some gross armpit lead-up to their amazing performance. I caught a rash just like that after one night in the Black Lodge. I gave it zero stars on yelp, probably bed bugs…or bad garmonbozia…)

Speaking of Au Revoir Simone, Annie Hart is releasing her solo debut, and you can check something out from that record now! Like it’s the future!

To tie it all into this Twin Peaks thing we have going on, check out the positively Lynchian new Hazel English video! What a gem!

Speaking of the future (as I did a mere two videos ago), here is the new video from TORRES, “Three Futures.” That’s right, BRM is now pitching the pub on Torres! Exciting, right? Another warning: the last 20 seconds or so of the video aren’t exactly the most safe for work seconds ever… although we all did watch them in the office yesterday as a group. So I guess it just depends on your office.

Any new music from Mogwai is cause for celebration. And when it proceeds an whole new album, well… color us excited. Actually, never mind. Don’t color us. That would be weird. How about you just call us excited instead?

If you think we are excited about a new Mogwai album (and we know you think that, why you were calling us excited moments ago) then imagine how we feel about a new Rainer Maria record!

Speaking of new records we are excited for: new Alvvays this September! Check out this hazy, retro-vibe filled new video for In Undertow while you count down the days to release day.

The new project from Stereolab’s Laetitia Sadier has been releasing beautiful video after beautiful video. This spot for “Sacred Project” is no different. Well, I mean it’s different from all the others for sure in that it isn’t the same song or video. But it’s no different in that it’s another beautiful video… oh you know. just watch it already!

Our favorite glitch-jazz pioneers Tangents are back with a new track. If you aren’t a fan yet, I cannot recommend them enough.

Nothing says “dog days of summer” like football, right? Well, it’s true if we are talking American Football and the astounding fact that it’s 2017 and American Football are making music and videos.

Finally, check out the first tune from Behind the Shadow Drops, the new solo project from Taka Goto of MONO fame (that debut album is also produced by Tortoise’s John McEntire, so we are doubly excited!). We’ve got a pile of new music up to you ears, eh?

Well there you go, a simple way to enjoy the dog days of summer.
Thanks for reading!