Well hello there faithful BRM Blog reader! How’s your week been? That’s great to hear! Me? Why thank you for asking! I’m lamenting the end of summer, but hopeful we will have a lovely autumn this year. Look at us making small talk! We go way back at this point, right? We’re old friends! So let me let you in on a little secret. I have almost no idea what’s going on in the world right now, so it’s a little hard to relate to people. I had to take a connectivity break. Sure, I’m keeping up on music stuff, but I needed a politics and world news vacation. I cannot recommend it enough. Just give yourself a little time to breath. You’ll be glad you did. Will I plug back in? Of course, I like to think I’m a proactive member of the world. But I also think you need to find a balance, and boy oh boy, I did NOT have the balance needed for a healthy life. So forgive me if I’m seeming a bit out of touch this week, but it’s only because I am. So with that in mind, let’s check out some new videos!

Speaking of the bliss of not knowing every dumb thing “you know who” did over the last week, there is also bliss in this excellent new Blis. video for “Take Me Home” from their upcoming LP No One Loves You. You know who else no one loves? Nope.. never mind. I’m on a vacation from that sort of thinking…

This new Alvvays video for “Dreams Tonite” is absolutely lovely. It’s like a Jacques Tati Kodachrome travelogue. Simply lovely. This is exactly the kind of thing I need right now. Trust me, it’s what you need too.

I would have easily looked like the members of Dead Rider in their new video if I hadn’t done some separating. There I’d be, behind glass, with electrodes connected to my everything, while people in lab coats take notes from behind glass and shake their heads sadly. Thankfully I did not, and I’m here to enjoy this strange, wonderful steel drum-featuring tune.

Frankly, I have a pretty easy time identifying with both characters in this surprisingly dramatic new Roz & The Rice Cakes video. That’s how on edge I was before the great de-connect of 2017.

Finally, we have another stunner in a long line of stunners from Dan Bejar. His new Destroyer album is due in a few weeks, but to hold us over we have the no-wave, Cure-esque vibes of “Tinseltown Swimming in Blood.” I can’t think of a way to tie that into this blog’s theme, but I’m gonna let myself slide because I did a better job of it than I thought I was gonna do overall.

Yours in a hazy, unconnected state,