Current Releases

V/A "Wayfaring Strangers: Acid Nightmares (Numero)"

From the time when the good vibes of Woodstock turned to the gasoline-fueled nightmare of Altamont, there is Wayfaring Strangers: Acid Nightmares from out pals at Numero. As hippies turned into bikers, and LSD got worse and worse for the brain, the music of the time turned from easy-breezy weed-induced peace and love jams to loud, distorted, paranoid bad trip-rock and roll. And thank the lord above for such a change. This is proto-metal, somewhere between Numero’s Darkscorch Canticles (the killer comp devoted to D&D metal) and the Brown Acid comps. You honestly can’t go wrong with one burnt-out tune on here, but check out the paranoid psychedelia of “Black Lightning Light” from The Shy Guys.

Ben Frost "The Centre Cannot Hold (Mute)"

I learned a thing or two in reading Mute’s PR for Ben Frost’s new LP The Centre Cannot Hold. The first thing is: the legendary Steve Albini recorded it. That’s the kind of thing I can wrap my mind around pretty easily. Less easy for my feeble brain is the second thing I learned: This album is “an attempt at transcribing a spectrum of glowing ultramarine into sound.” I could have had all day to list words I would use to describe this album, and I never would have gotten anywhere close to “blue.” I would have said things like “adventurous, anxious and harmonious, distant, hypnotic, lovely.” Sure, this is a collection of opposing words, but I would say that this is an album of contradictions. Like if Fripp/Eno decided to make as beautiful an album as they could while Aphex Twin tried to defrag it the whole time. Check out the haunting first single, “Threshold Of Faith.”


Torres "Three Futures (4AD)"

Bank Robber Music was very excited to be able to announce the signing of Torres to the fold before the release of her otherworldly new LP Three Futures (4AD). Her singular combination of stark instrumentation and frank vocals had already beguiled us from the other side of the contract, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to love her music and not just wish upon wishes from the sidelines that she was part of the BRM family. If you’ve been a fan of her past albums (and judging from all the “hey, do you guys work Torres?” emails we have received in the past, I would say there are many of you) then you know what to expect. Experimental like David Byrne or Laurie Anderson, but with a modern slant, this is pop music for smart people. Check out the first single “Three Futures.”

Upper Wilds "Guitar Module 2017 (Thrill Jockey)"

Dan Friel (of Parts & Labor fame) fans, do I ever have a treat for you! His new project, Upper Wilds, has released an introduction of the new sound with Guitar Module 2017 (Thrill Jockey). Performed entirely by Friel on a heavily distorted guitar, along with a sequencer, a keyboard, and a pedal board full of goodies, GM2017 is a big, messy good time. A little like Lightning Bolt but with Dan’s occasional vocals being far less distorted. His guitars certainly thrash, likely causing heads to be banged and devil hands to be thrown up wherever this album is being played, and played LOUD. Crank it to 11 and check out “UFO.”