Current Releases

Justus Proffit & Jay Som "Nothing’s Changed (Polyvinyl)"

If you like getting in on the ground floor when it comes to music, then the new EP Nothing’s Changed (Polyvinyl) from the pairing of Jay Som and Justus Proffit should tickle your every fancy (or at least the one fancy that I just mentioned). Hot off the heels of Jay Som’s debut Everybody Works last year, she is back-here paired with “rising singer-songwriter” Justus Proffit. This really is a bit of a hodgepodge, with the new artists entertaining every kind of idea they have. Country.  Stefon would love this EP, because it has everything: Garage rock. Country-tinged stuff. Art-pop. That thing where you get low-sodium soup because you are feeling healthy that week and it just tastes like hot laundry water. Ok, minus the last thing its all true. So get to know this duo and check out the title track “Nothing’s Changed.”

Thalia Zedek Band "Fighting Season (Thrill Jockey)"

The voice that has help defined indie rock for the past three decades is back with “Fighting Season”.  Like a high-school friend who hasn’t turned into a Facebook disaster, Thalia is as steady as they Come (sic) as a member os such awesome bands including  Come, Uzi, Live Skull, and most recently her new trio E.   Her love of a sad fiddler on the roof is strong and sounds extra beautiful on “War Not Won”, but when she is ready to rock, she brings in J. Mascis and the walls come down on “Bend Again”.  Thalia is seemingly always ready to fight and keeps on fighting, so join #teamthalia and dig into the aforementioned “Bend Again.”

Ben Pirani "How Do I Talk To My Brother (Colemine)"

There’s no way to describe the debut LP from Ben Pirani without equating it to classic soul music. How Do I Talk To My Brother (Colemine) is just that, new music from a dude who is recording soul music that sounds like its from the classic era. But thats just the surface of this fantastic record. Take, for instance, the first song on the LP “Art School Girl.” Does this sound like a song that would be coming out of a little mono radio in black and white times? Sure. Would that song be about his love for an art school girl though? Nope. So while the sounds are vintage through and through, the themes are modern. So check out the aforementioned “Art School Girl” and don’t forget to clean your brushes! Those jobbers are expensive, after all!

Human Touch "Promise Not To Fall (Barsuk)"

So you heard “Promise Not To Fall” in 13 Reasons Why and now you want more? You sure do.  Mixing downtempo Phantogram with Beach House Portland’s Human Touch are the perfect band to listen to while lamenting your return to school (be it high school, college, or Hebrew). Album highlight is the almost uptempo “Swan Song” featuring the oh so catchy refrain of “I’ve Gone Too Far”.  Well as long as long as you’re talking eating a box of cookies and nothing else we are good to go. Dig into the delicious “Living Young” and “Save You” and don’t worry Christmas break is just around the corner.