Current Releases

Annie Hart "Impossible Accomplice"

Annie Hart, she of Au Revoir Simone, has stepped out with her debut solo record. Impossible Accompliceis full of the vintage synth sounds of ARS, as well as the soft spoken vocals that band was known for. Stripped down more then ARS tunes, these basement-crafted tunes only include sounds needed to convey the emotions of each song. Hypnotic and raw, this is an unfiltered Annie-which, thankfully, is as lovely a sound as all the other Annies! Check out “I Don’t Want Your Love.”

Pony Sherrell and Phil Moody "Pony Sherrell and Phil Moody (Numero Group)"

If you’ve got a hankering for sweet, smooth, vintage pop sounds then boy oh boy, do I have the artist for you. As always, our crate-digging chums at Numero Group have turned up something rare and extraordinary. This time around, it’s the songbook of Pony Sherrell and Phil Moody. We are talking the swelling strings and jovial sounds of ‘50s pop here, as is evidenced by the amazing roster of stars the duo wrote songs for: Mae West, Betty Grable, and the Ritz Brothers just to name a few. So check out the unmitigated positivity of “Little People.”

Ian Felice "In The Kingdom Of Dreams"

Ian Felice, lead singer and songwriter of The Felice Brothers, has released a solo debut! In The Kingdom Of Dreams finds Ian escaping the weight of 2016 (when he wrote the tunes) with crafting songs. Tired of the oppressive election cycle of the year (as were we all), worn down from touring plus the impending worry of being a new father, Ian turned to these songs as a way to clean his psyche. Full of the folk-y, americana ideals Ian has been dealing with, this is as haunting and beautiful as anything he ever did with his brothers, or in his co-songwriting duties with The Lumineers of Bat For Lashes. Check out the ramshackle, dusty title track “In The Kingdom Of Dreams.”

The War On Drugs "A Deeper Understanding"

A Deeper Understanding, the latest from The War On Drugs, is everything you want it to be. Back are the wistful, AOR, Hornsby-esque vibes, coupled with tremendous playing, and a love for songs as long as the line for tickets to the (not yet actually a thing) Ramones Broadway Musical Hey! Ho! Let’s Go. We couldn’t love the fact more that there are still bands with guitars playing rock and roll that sounds great live after a few beers. There was once a discussion in the office about WOD that went thusly: “what if we just closed up shop, and followed The War On Drugs around for a few years. Would that be ok?” We decided that although it wounds amazing, it’s probably not the best idea financially for us. But this is the kind of band that garners that sort of devotion. Check out “Strangest Thing” and see if you don’t feel like following them around too.