Current Releases

Kat Edmonson "Old Fashioned Gal (Dunvagen)"

Back in my “wild” dating days I dated this lady who wore fun, full skirts, played the accordion and liked to watch only b&w movies. I was a jerk and that one ended but I’d like to find her now and play her Kat Edmonson(if only some sort of social media platform run by the Russians could be helpful). A super fun mixture of Cole Porter and at times indie folk (you could say SHE without HIM if you must). Now only if she would sing in Yiddish I could get her on the The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. So spin ”Please Consider Me”, “If” and the title track and enjoy the best Sunday brunch record since Yo La Tengo’s Facebook.

Clint Michigan "Centuries (Kiam)"

Oh my, poor Clint Michigan, I had no idea…..What a traumatic life he has led, and none of that “oh my subway was late”, “why is this guy yelling at me while I’m eating a slice” stuff, real-life problems, which has lead to him being sober for 5 years and also producing this beautiful album Centuries. Imagine Elliott Smith and Sufjan Stevens hanging out – maybe not the most fun hang, but maybe they would come out with some beautiful sounding songs. Clint uses the term “trauma core” to describe his music, but nothing this beautiful could sound that traumatic. Check out “Knickerbocker Street”.

Cold Fronts "Fantasy Du Jour (RTP)"

There they were, just another indie rock band playing a showcase at SXSW like so many before them, when a man walked up and showed interest. Who was the band? New Rough Trade Publishing signing Cold Fronts! Who was the man? None other than Sire Record’s legendary co-founder and band signer extraordinaire Seymour Stein. So SS went from signing The Ramones, Talking Heads, Pretenders, Depeche Mode, and the Cure, to Cold Fronts. If that doesn’t get you excited to hear Fantasy Du Jour (Sire/RTP), then let my words do the trick. This Philly band has everything! Hooks! Melodies! An energy (and guitar sound) not unlike the heyday of The Strokes, lyrical emotionalism a la The Modern Lovers, and a sound that is ALL Cold Fronts. This is the kind of rock that augments anything you are doing, from fast drives in cars to partying in basements, or just staying home and eating takeout and smoking some of God’s green herb like they do in “Staying In.”

Perel "Hermetica (DFA)"

Sometimes all it takes to set your future life in motion is one super sick Eurythmics cassette. Case in point is the solo debut from Annegret Fiedler aka Perel. At the tender age of 8 Annegret starting composing songs at her grandmother’s piano, all the while listening to that storied Eurythmics cassette. The results these many years later are not totally unlike that cassette, with chilly synth production and Annegret’s otherworldly, German vocals. But that’s not all it is. It’s also heavily influenced by Annegret’s move to Berlin, as is evidenced by the Cluster-y starkness of Hermetica (DFA). Check out the Krautrock-esque angles of “Alles.”