Past Releases

Xenu & The Thetans "Xenu & The Thetans (Slovenly)"

Like our buds at Slovenly Records say about this new self-titled record from Mexico City’s Xenu & The Thetans “it’s not rock-it scientology here, gang. This is that primal punk rock madness that pours outta yer pores when you just wanna belt out some Germs / Bad Brains style ‘core and get nasty.” Couldn’t have said it better myself! That’s why I didn’t even bother trying. Come on! Like they said! Get nasty and check out “Amigos Muertos.”

Ladrones "Ladrones (Slovenly)"

Hailing from San Juan by way of Atlanta, the self-titled debut from Ladrones is a screaming, wailing blast of punk. Featuring vocals (en Español) by Valeria Sánchez and accompanied by a band with enough bad attitude to garner at least a week’s worth of detention before homeroom is over-get ready to carve Ladrones into your desk and check out the real deal with “Tropimuerte.”

Telekrimen "Culto A Lo Imbecil (Slovenly)"

For their 5th full-length album, Mexico City’s Telekrimen have abandoned their scuzzy, fuzzy, psyched out punk garage sounds for an album full of acoustic ballads. Kidding! I’m kidding! They wouldn’t do you like that. This is every bit as rock’n’roll-y as everything they’ve ever released. So get ready to slam dance with your wall (take the frames down first! They don’t want you breaking your pretty drawings!) and check out the brutal, cracking foundation of “Richman Holocausto.”

Bill Callahan "Shepherd In A Sheepskin Vest (Drag City)"

Is there anything more comfortable than having the sound of Bill Callahan’s voice wash over you once again? After all, its been nearly 30 years since his Smog career started, and now here it is-2019-and we still are gifted with his singular works. Shepherd In A Sheepskin Vest (Drag City) is everything you want it to be. Gentle, sparse, experimental folk/rock music with Bill’s singular baritone delivering the poignant lyrics. In a perfect world, this is what country music would sound like-emotional and personal. For a glimpse into the mind of the master check out the smashing “Son Of The Sea.”