Bank Robber Music is a 3rd party music licensing company that helps bands we love get placed in a variety of media – including film, TV, and advertising. Is this charity work? Of course not! But if a license helps a drummer buy new sticks, a band keep the van on the road, or a songwriter pass on a week of lousy temp work, then we’ve done our job.

Our address is (please, do not send demos to this or any address):

Bank Robber Music
P.O. Box 6212
Hoboken, NJ 07030

For more info email us at info@bankrobbermusic.com

Have a demo? Send it to demos@bankrobbermusic.com




We issue mechanical licenses directly.

Please send all mechanical license requests via email or fax to:
Rough Trade Publishing attn: Jayme Videa
fax: 646-822-4136

Please include information about the recording artist, record label, release date and info, and initial number of units manufactured.


Please send all sample/derivative work requests, via email or fax to:
Bank Robber Music attn: Carla Clark
fax: 646-822-4136

Please include information about the new work including recording artist, record label and an MP3 file for review.


Our TV & Film licensing is handled by BANK ROBBER MUSIC.

Please send all license requests, via email or fax to:
Bank Robber Music attn: Lyle Hysen
fax: 646-822-4136

Please include all pertinent information including the song(s) you wish to license, type of license (tv, film, trailer, commercial, video game, etc), media rights requested, synopsis, scene description, term, territory, music budget and overall production budget. We will get in touch with a quote immediately.

For festival licenses, please download and complete the form (PDF / Word Doc), and email to info@bankrobbermusic.com attn: Carla Clark. Allow two to three weeks for us to obtain artist approval.