Current Releases

Moon Duo "Occult Architecture Vol. 2"

It seems like it was just a few months ago that I was writing about a new Moon Duo album. Oh, right. That’s because I was. Occult Architecture Vol. 1 came to us in February of 2017, and here we are, 3 months later, and Occult Architecture Vol. 2 is already gracing our ears. Is what I said about the first album true for the second album? Let’s see… “Swirling psychedelia mixes with a minor key version of the Dandy Warhols (with all the pop bliss nods intact). Throw in some heady, spaced-out Thurston Moore-esque guitar experimenting, some two part harmony vocals, a little sinister synth work; and if you can figure out a way to stop yourself from nodding along then you are stronger than I am…” Well, sort of. The band considers Vol. 2 the light yang to Vol. 1’s darker Yin. So although most of my adjectives still hold true, this time around the effect is more airy, light. It’s like the last album was a head-y high, and this time around it’s a body high. Check out the driving synths of “Sevens.”

Nightlands "I Can Feel The Night Around Me"

I Can Feel The Night Around Me, the third album from War On Drugs’ bassist Dave Hartley’s band Nightlands, feels like the album where everything has clicked. Sure, his last two albums were great, but upon hearing his latest it feels like they were all building towards to this moment. His mature use of vocal stacking (chorus of one), combined with his obvious otherworldly grasp on music composition (be prepared to be lifted to places you didn’t even know existed simply by unexpected chord lifts), elevates these dream pop tunes into something more substantial. Think middle-era Beach Boys mixed with Philly soul R&B touches, and don’t forget the obvious War On Drugs connection, and you’ve arrived at Nightlands emotive sound. Check out the beautiful first song from the album, “Lost Moon.”

Rogue + Jaye "Pent Up"

So yes, if you ever wonder what would happened if the lovely and talented Zach from Rogue Wave went on a journey to Nashville and got in the car with the lovely and talented Cortney Jaye well your wish has come true with Rogue + Jaye.  Pent Up is like a road trip through America’s musical history! You will fall in love the Fleetwood Mac sounds of Golden Lady, and the beautiful Gram Parson/Emmylou Harris-esque duet of “Forces Of Decay.”  Want to imagine what it would have been like if Elvis Costello wrote more songs for Linda Ronstadt to cover?? Dig into “Over And Over”. Singing and strumming the shit out their collaborative debut, Pent Up is the record to kick off your summer. Check out the aforementioned “Forces Of Decay.”