Current Releases

888 "Everybody Can’t Complain"

Since when? Everybody Can’t Complain? Really?? Have they eaten out with Larry David? I’m sure he complains the entire meal (“Why do I have to tip? The restaurant should tip me for eating there-i’m a great eater).  Oh, Larry, you and your 1% problems. One thing I can’t complain about is the new album by 888. Do you like your pop with synths and loud drums? How about catchy catchy choruses? How about The Thompson Twins and Death Cab jamming? Sound like a dream come true? Crank up MISSING YOU and you will have your new earworm, and that is a good thing for once.  If only John Hughes was alive to make new non-racist/sexist movies then I could place “Needed You” and fulfill my placement dreams. Until then I will just crank up “Alone” and cry into my prom dress…

Various Artists "Tribute: Newly Recorded Blues Celebration of Delmark’s 65th Anniversary"

To celebrate their 65th anniversary, famed Jazz and Blues label Delmark Records asked current blues artists to re-record new versions of classics the label released over their storied career. To celebrate the signing of Delmark Records to Bank Robber Music’s roster, I’m writing this blurb (hi Delmark! Thrilled to have you aboard!) Here you’ll find covers of tunes made famous by Junior Wells, Magic Sam, Jimmy Dawkins, Big Time Sarah, and more. Those songs are performed by current and classic artists like Jimmy Burns, Omar Coleman, Lil’ Ed, Shirley Johnson and many more (ok, 9 more). Recorded in the studio Delmark built back in the 90s to be able to record and release new blues albums, and all of the artists here are backed by the raucous, rollicking house band. Check out the legendary Jimmy Burns performing Big Joe Williams classic “She Left Me A Mule To Ride.”

Chris Liebing "Burn Slow (Mute)"

It’s been over ten years since techno-king Chris Liebing has released an LP. Well, its like Pink Floyd said… “and then one day you find, ten years have got behind you. No one told you when to run, here comes that techno fun!” Although–this time around–if you are expecting the same fast-paced dance music he’s released in the past, you will be surprised by what this album holds–unless you pay careful attention to the album’s name: Burn Slow (Mute). This is something of a slow burn. The beats are still there, but maybe just a tad more relaxed. Check out the first single “Polished Chrome (The Friend Pt. 1)” featuring Gary Numan!


Eric Bachmann "No Recover (Merge)"

“Return to form.” “Best Record In Years.” These are things “rock-critics” say about things like the new Janet Jackson album, but those words are the kind of thing I will say as a fan, pitcher, and non-rock critic of the new Eric Bachman record. No Recover (Merge) sounds like a man who has just gotten over a minor ankle injury and is ready to run a triathlon. I am not saying that every record by Eric isn’t great, but this one has all the things that make Eric one of the best.  Beautiful songs strongly sung by the best baritone in the business (sorry Rick Astley? OK, not sorry Rick Astley). Check out “Daylight” and “Dead and Gone” and don’t forget to enjoy.