Current Releases

Fucked Up "Dose Your Dreams (Merge)"

The Hardcore punks have found your stash of psychedelics, and they are doing things with them you wouldn’t even dream of. Dose Your Dreams is the latest from the legendary Fucked Up, and their first for the legendary Merge Records. Here you will find their love of a concept album mixed with drone hints, psych-rock, krautrock-y grooves, and everything else a music fan could ask for from a record. This is a towering achievement from a band that already has a tower of achievements. I’d tell you to check out some specific tunes here, but its a concept album! So start with “None Of Your Business Man” and let the whole thing play!

The Tallest Man On Earth "When The Bird Sees The Solid Ground (RTP)"

For the past few months… ok, 5 to be exact, Kristian Matsson aka The Tallest Man On Earth has been releasing one new song a month from his new EP When The Bird Sees The Solid Ground. Well, he’s done doing that, and here you are, all 5 songs at once! If you aren’t already a huge fan of his singular voice/solo guitar sound, then you must not like pretty songs. If, like the rest of us, you like pretty songs, then get ready to fall in love with TMOE’s newest effort. Check out the yearning of “Down In My Heart.”


Cursive "Vitriola (15 Passenger)"

Not since 2006’s Happy Hollow have Cursive’s Tim Kasher, Ted Stevens, Matt Maginn, Clint Schnase, and producer Mike Mogis all appeared on an album together. So forgive us when we say that Vitriola sounds like some CLASSIC Cursive! Along with long-time touring Cellist Megan Siebe and Patrick Newbery on keys, the OCs (you know, like OGs but with the C standing for Cursive) work out their 2018 existential dread via song (as opposed to eating their anxiety-which I’ve gotten very good at. Sorry pants…). Check out the tremendous builds of the first single “It’s Gonna Hurt.”

Eric Copeland "Trogg Modal Vol. 1 (DFA)"

I know. You’re sitting there anxiously awaiting Trogg Modal Vol. 2 by Eric Copeland to be released in early 2019. How about you calm down? After all, we need Vol. 1 first, don’t we? Otherwise, how are we gonna know the origin story that plays into Vol. 2 so heavily? You’ll be absolutely lost without Vol. 1 first. So get ready for Eric’s latest in “Freakbeat” (his words… I mean word) experimentality. Banging beats and quirky electro-instrumentality are the names of the game here. You can sure dance to this, but be prepared to dance at an angle-Batman ‘66 style (Batusi not required). Check out the quirk-bomb that is “321 Contact.”