Current Releases

Jesse Marchant "Illusion Of Love (No Other)"

The golden-throated Jesse Marchant is here to enchant one and all once again with his 4th LP Illusion Of Love (No Other). If you are already a fan of Jesse, then you know to expect introspective songcraft coupled with his velvet-y vocals and tender songwriting, as well as a healthy dose of his beautiful piano-playing. If you aren’t already a fan, and don’t know what to expect… now you do! You know, because you read this blurb… Also, because you listened to the track we are about to recommend, the haunting M. Ward-y ballad “ Sister, I.”

Long Neck "Will This Do?"

Oh NJ, just when it seems like it everything can’t get any worse, The Garden State is there to make everything better. We get a new governor who wants to legalize pot, Jersey City gets a great new venue, and now we have a new band that is going to blow the fuck up.  Yup, Jersey City’s Long Neck features the oh so lovely baratone songs and vocals by Lily Mastrodimos who writes very personal songs in the first person with all the enthusiasm and exciement one wants to hear in a young new band. Imagine Diet Cig and the Buzzcocks fronted by Christy McVie and you will get just a taste of Long Neck.  Start with album opener “Mine/Yours.” Long Neck are something to get excited about in 2018 (now when is pot going to be legal?).

Mt. Wilson Repeater "V’Ger (Merge)"

Seeing as how Jim Putnam’s band Radar Brothers have been on hiatus since 2013, it makes sense that he would resurrect his experimental side project Mt. Wilson Repeater. Here, now, is where it gets tricky. The album, out now on Merge Records, is called V’Ger. I am a HUGE Star Trek fan. V’Ger is a Star Trek Reference. Therefore, it’s hard for me to do anything here other than make Trek references. But this is work! So for more on what I think about the infinitely strange Star Trek: The Motion Picture, let’s hang out sometime. For more on Jim’s new album, stay right here in this blurb. V’Ger (the LP) is full of lush, baritone guitar shoegaze-y psychedelia and dreamscapes. Think Kris Kristofferson meets Yo La Tengo meets Air meets lots of other great things, all at once, and funneled through Jim’s unique world view. Check out the sinister swirls of “Get By.”

Daniel Avery "Slow Fade EP (Mute)"

Recently Daniel Avery made electronic music fans very, very happy. First, he announced that he will be back this April with the follow-up LP to his beloved debut from 5 years ago Song for Alpha. But it’s almost like he knew that we’d been waiting so long that April would sound like a million miles away. Maybe that’s why he surprised us all with a tease of an EP.  Slow Fade (Mute) is a hint of what’s to come on that upcoming full-length (OH APRIL–SO MANY MONTHS AWAY!) As Daniel says in the press for this EP “I’ve become increasingly interested in those moments in a club when the outside world becomes little more than an inconsequential thought at the back of your head. Eyes closed as opposed to hands in the air. A light emerging from the darkness – this is the idea I repeatedly returned to in the studio.” Well he succeeded in doing just what he wanted, as these calming, trance-esque tracks are just what the doctor ordered for these troubled times. Beautiful, haunting, modern, comfortable and new at the same time, that’s about all you can ask for. Check out the sophisticated “Slow Fade,” or if you want to know how I feel when I’ve been in a club too long check out the nightmarish “Fever Dream.”