Current Releases

Ibibio Sound Machine "Uyai"

You’re likely going to be at least a little surprised when I tell you that your favorite new dance album is coming to you from our friends at Merge Records. Ibibio Sound Machine’s Merge debut Uyai is a delicious mixture of amazing genres and influences. Led by London-born Nigerian vocalist Eno Williams, this is an impossible-to-sit-still-through combo of disco, new wave, post-punk, and most notably Afrobeat and West African Funk. The result is like a masterful mashup of William Onyeabor, Missing Persons, late-era Talking Heads, Fela Kuti, and Deerhoof. Yeah. They are going on all of your playlists. You will finish the album, and start it over again immediately. Begin your love affair with “Give Me A Reason.”

Tim Kasher "No Resolution"

No Resolution, the new solo LP from Cursive’s Tim Kasher, finds Tim at the helm of what can only be described as a pop orchestra. Like a pop-punk song cycle with arrangements from Van Dyke Parks, the concept album (I haven’t gotten to write THAT in a blurb in some time, thanks Tim!) about a soon to collapse relationship between an engaged couple. The songs will be appearing later in 2017 in Tim’s directorial debut of the same name. Oh right! I never mentioned the album’s name. It’s called No Resolution (15 Passenger). Like I said, film of the same name, which will be featuring songs like “An Answer for Everything.” Dig in!

OUT "Swim Buddies"

Swim Buddies (Comedy Minus One) is the rocking, anthemic full-length debut from Kalamazoo, MI’s OUT. Shifting from pop-punk to ‘90s college radio seemingly on a dime, it’s pretty obvious that the mates part of bandmates comes first. OUT had a BLAST making this record, and you can hear it in every tune. Thick, Built To Spill-esque chunky guitars, a Teenage Fanclub ear for melodies, and a coat of flaxen gold. Ok, I made the last one up. At least I think I did? I haven’t seen them live yet, so I can’t say for sure anything about their coat. But I do know that hot damn, I love this record. Vital and modern with a touch of throwback indie? Yeah, that’s for me. Check out the Perfect From Now On vibes of “Dance, Like.”

The New Up "Tiny Mirrors"

If edgy electro-pop is you favorite thing, then make room in your t-shirt drawer for a series of shirts featuring your new favorite band, The New Up. Tiny Mirrors, their newest album, finds the duo of Noah Reid and ES Pitcher teaming up with producer Jack Fronst, who encouraged the band to bring more electronic elements into their garage vibe. The result is a combination of new wave, stadium sized rock, jangly power-pop, and vibe-y garage rock. Check out the driving fury of “Black Swan.”