Ask BRM Boy

So recently I was reading an email update from my favorite comedian (shout out to on the day after his birthday!) and he opened his email with “Let’s open up the mailbag.” and immediately my stomach dropped. “Oh no!” I thought, “the mailbag! I forgot about the mailbag!” So if you are a fan of Ask BRM Boy then you can thank Jeff Hysen for today’s feature. Conversely, if you hate Ask BRM Boy, well…

So, as Jeff says, let’s open up the mailbag!

Dear BRM Boy,

   Like a lot of people these days, I’m mad as I’m not gonna take it anymore! Except I probably am. What is one person to do? If my fed up-ness was money, I’d be lobbying for Trump’s tax plan (zing!). Please, turn me on to something that’s as annoyed as I am please?

Michelle E.

San Diego, CA

Dear Michelle,

   Boy Oh boy, do I have JUST what the doctor ordered-after all, you did include a prescription from your doctor with your note. Get ready to scream along with the mighty Superchunk and their latest single “What A Time To Be Alive,” which was released yesterday in anticipation of their new upcoming LP! What a time to be alive, indeed!

Dear BRM Boy,

   Quick! Like a bunny! I’m somewhere near Barstow and the drugs are starting to kick in. Gimme something appropriate!

Dr. G



   If you are looking for something to, um, highten the experience, then look no further than Guerilla Toss’ “Betty Dreams Of Green Men.”

Dear BRM Boy,

   That last song you sent me was great! Except now the drugs are wearing off and I need something to help me come down. Please please please…

Dr. G

America (again)


   Weird. Not sure how you saw the reply to the last letter and had time to get me a second letter all before I posted this. It’s almost like you are breaking the logic of this bit. But I’m going to allow it because I have just what you need. Luxuriate in the sweet acoustic sounds made by the teaming of Bill MacKay and Ryley Walker. Dig?

Dear BRM Boy,

   If there’s one thing I like it’s watching speed runs on Twitch. If there’s two things I like, it’s the aforementioned video game watching and math-tinged rock. Got anything for the likes of me?

Mary H.

Brooklyn, NY

Dear Mary,

   Your request is ultra-specific. Good news though! My recommendation is going to be equally specific. Check out the video for “Warpless Run” from Tera Melos. Guaranteed to hit all the spots you mentioned, and then some.

Dear BRM Boy,

   I am a lawyer, and am being sued in a class action suit by all of my clients (trust me when I say that the less you know the better…) Anyway, one of the provisions in my settlement with them is that I find a song for them to use to represent themselves musically (like I sad, the less you know…). Anyway, most of my clients are locals, you could even say they are my neighbors? Anything come to mind? I have until the end of business today to come up with something.

Mike S. Esq.

Reading, PA

Dear Mike,

   Would “The Neighbour” from The Clientele work? Too bad if it doesn’t, because that’s what you are getting. Consider your clientele sated, as this is one gorgeous song. Look for my very pricy bill to be arriving at your offices shortly.

Dear BRM Boy,

   I am a HUGE fan of the Marvel Bulldog superhero Lockjaw! I just saw that my favorite superpup is getting his own monthly comic series soon! I can hardly wait to disappear with the first issue and devour it. Any music you can recommend for me to pass the time?

Hazel H.

Hoboken, NJ

Dear Hazel,

   Seeing as how you mentioned being a fan and disappearing, can I recommend “Dissapear” from FAN? Oh wait. I know I can, because I just did. Enjoy!

Dear BRM Boy,

   Please help. It’s almost time to publish this blog post and I’m having a tough time coming up with a prompt to use to entice you to recommend the excellent new Circuit des Yeux video for “Brainshift.”



Dear BRM Boy,

   Not sure what to tell you…

Thanks for all the great questions! Keep Them Coming!

BRM Boy (not a real prognosticator)