Ask BRM Boy!

Ok… Ok… I know its been a while. But absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? I hope so, because for the first time in a long time here I am with the world-famous “Ask BRM Boy.” That’s right! Your second favorite corporate mascot (after, of course, the Qwisp mascot) is here to answer all of your definitely real letters that have been sent to me via the mail in a super truthful way. Let’s dig in!


Dear BRM Boy

   I’m a burnout. A product of the 60s. I tuned in and I dropped out. I’m a walking, talking cliche. That said, there have to be others like me out there that long for the days of drug-induced music, right? So how is an old hippie like me supposed to find new drug-obsessed rock?

Indigo Ocean

Woodstock, NY


Dear Indigo,

   You want a song about drugs? How about a whole record about drugs? What about a music video thats also about drugs? Why don’t you check out the new Brother JT video for “Baked Alaska” from his new album Tornado Juice. As JT will tell you in the video itself. The whole thing is about drugs!


Dear BRM Boy,

   I’m desperate to make Shutterstock as hip a stock photo platform as I know it could be. What can I do to make it appeal to the kids?

Jon Oringer/ CEO Shutterstock

New York, New York


Dear Jon,

   I’m guessing you didn’t see the excellent new video from Ruler for their song “Unhindered Place.” It features licensed clips from Shutterstock! What’s hipper than a music video?


Dear BRM Boy,

   There’s a feelin’ that I get from nothin’ else and there ain’t nothin’ in the world that makes me go! I want to rock! Rock! I! Want! To! ROCK!

Dee Snyder

Easy Setauket, NY


Dear Dee,

   Ok… That’s not really a question. But I have a feeling I know what you are saying. If you want some rock, then you want some Brandy Zdan!


Dear BRM Boy,

   I love the band Tangents. I am always looking for more music from them. Hell, I’ll even take a remix if you have one!

Lyle Hysen

Hoboken, NJ


Dear Lyle,

   Wait a second. Lyle, why are you writing to me here? I mean, I know you are a HUGE Tangents fan. But I work in the office right next to yours. I would have been happy to run in and play you this new Katie Gately remix of Tangents “Immersion.”


Dear BRM Boy,

   Umm… This is awkward. I understand that one of your artists is singing one of my luscious hits and passing it off as her own. Don’t you people know who I am? I’m Neil “The Hitmaker” Diamond! Give me a WIDE berth!

Neil Diamond

Brooklyn, NY


Dear Neil,

   This sure is awkward. For YOU! After all, Elise Davis is performing a brand new, original composition “Don’t Bring Me Flowers” and NOT your song “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers.” Come on Neil!


Ok. That’s it. If you have any questions, feel free to send them my way for a future installment of Ask BRM Boy.

BRM Boy (Not a real movie critic)