August Web Update

Oh August. What a confusing month you are. It feels like summer is almost over, because it’s August, and that’s the last month of summer (science!). But also, August is usually one. hot. long. month. So what are some fun things you can do to make August the best month ever (without a time machine of course)? Well, you could… um… go swimming? But where are you gonna find a pool. You could just drink a bunch of beers i guess? I don’t know. Look, I’m an adult, and as an adult, I’m not so great at making the most of my summertime. But what I AM good at is sharing new tunes, and this month we have a doozy of a web update. Grizzly Bear. The War On Drugs. A Giant Dog. LIARS. Plus many more (act now! supplies are, thankfully, not limited). Oh, I know what you could do for some summer fun! Go see these band’s live with us! And by us I mean AJ.
Thanks for reading!