The Best of The Numero Group


Look at us! Trying a new thing. We thought it might be fun to have employees of the various labels we work with to make a sort of a “best of” playlist to share with our fine readers. So here it is, the inaugural “Best of” blog post. This first effort is featuring The Numero Group! We asked Ken Shipley, one of the masterminds behind Numero, the purveyors of fine vintage soul and other such missed gems that you didn’t know were your favorite until they dug it out of a stale crate, to kick off this new feature. Let’s let Ken cover it from here:

 Ken was nice enough to dig through the Numero photo archives to find this
amazing picture for us to use for the cover image of this playlist.

“Fifteen years ago Rob Sevier and I sat down and sketched out a compilation called Eccentric Soul. Since then, we here at The Numero Group have delivered 20 volumes of the landmark series, reshaping the way people think about soul music. None of the records we deal in could have been considered hits in their own time, but through creative placements for a litany of brands, television programs, and films big and small, an alternative history of soul is being written. One where Penny & the Quarters have more streams than hitmakers Rufus Thomas, the Chi-Lites, and Teddy Pendergrass. Where LeBron is walking out to the strains of “The Devastator.” Where half of an entire Netflix series’ music budget is blown on totally unknown girl groups.”

Ken Shipley



Thanks Ken! Now please check out this excellent playlist that he made for us.
Hopefully you like this new feature, as we plan on making this a monthly thing. Enjoy!