BRM Snow Day!

A peak behind the curtain! When it comes to blog post writing, today is yesterday. That means that I wrote this on Wednesday, during a BRM snow day! In the future, your office is everywhere you wanna be. So I am cuddled up under a blanket (my apartment is so cold during the day, is this legal?), 2 cats snoring away a mere inches from me. So forgive me if this is a bit of a sleepy post, but sometimes being home all day makes me tired (that could have something to do with working from bed in PJs…)

We were very excited to learn that there was a new Pedro The Lion LP coming before too long, and the fact that David Bazan has taken the reformed band to Polyvinyl makes that news all the more sweeter. Speaking of sweet, I sure miss the candy bowl at the office right now. All I have here are unwanted holiday hard candies from gift baskets long since consumed.

Speaking of Pedro The Lion, if you go to catch them in NY this summer, get ready for a double bill that’s sure to please. Mount Moriah’s H.C. McEntire recently released an instantly loved debut album on Merge, and this summer she’ll be opening for PTL including two dates in NY! August seems so far away right now. But then again, seeing as how its gross out, everything seems far away. Lousy Smarch weather!

Literally every shot of anyone outside in a snow-free environment is making me mad. Not even the soothing sounds of Six Organs Of Admittance can soothe me. I need some warm weather STAT.

This new Owen video for “Lost” is literally as far away as a work from bed day as is possible. Outside activities!?! Jacket-free outside activities at that! Low top sneakers? Even my boots are tired of being worn. Oh well, here’s to the eventual changes in weather.

I’m not saying that a work from home day means I dick around on my phone a lot, but I am putting the young women in the new Sneaks video to shame. It’s 2 p.m. and I’ve already had to charge my backup charger twice. Yikes!

Now THIS is some killer snow day viewing. A 23 minute music video? Yes please! Excuse me while I meditate to this Bitchin Bajas track.

What? No! I’m not having a dance party of one! YOU’RE having a dance party of one!

We were very excited to learn earlier this week that Dusted is back with a new LP on the horizon. Speaking of dusted, when is the last time I dusted this apartment? Good golly Ms. Molly, I’m a disaster… It’ll be good to get out of the house tomorrow.

All Work And No Play Make John Something Something….