BRNews for Thursday, June 14th


BRM BOY: Howdy, welcome back to another edition of BRNews. I’m back after my “forced” hiatus of being replaced by Lebron James. He said he was moving to Los Angeles. I can’t imagine why? While I was away I heard someone named Kim had an important meeting….but I couldn’t find out who-I feel like we need to rethink out research department-either way, we have four people named Kim on the panel today that can hopefully help me out.  Today’s panel features: Kim Jung Un, Kim Possible, Kimmy Schmidt, and Kim Gordon!

Well, panel, our first video today is by North Carolina’s own H.C. McEntire – “Baby’s Got the Blues.”

Kim Jung – first off have you meet with anyone famous or important recently?

Kim Jung:  Nope, but I did see *a* video-but it did not feature this lady. But why does this lady have people in a chair without ropes? If you must torture someone at least tie them up THEN have them sing along….

BRM Boy: Uh, ok… Onto on next video. This is Jeff Rosenstock’s “9/10”, a beautiful ballad about someone who is obsessed with a leader of another country.

Kim Possible: yeah yeah i get it anything is POSSIBLE like world peace between 2 leaders? But I wasn’t at that meeting – i’ve been in endless production meetings with everyone EXCEPT Harvey Weinstein about the live action Kim Possible movie.  They should of made it already with Alyson Hannigan as the star, but too much time has passed and she is playing my mother. I wonder how they meet? At a Buffy party?).

BRM Boy: Ok Kim Possible, maybe hold back on the grudge and pop culture references and listen to the fun practice space based video by Collections of Colonies of Bees – “Ruins” – I’d highly recommend you perhaps form a band instead of sitting around waiting for your movie to be made!



Kim Possible: Has anyone seen Rufus? And can i get a better animal in my movie instead of a  naked mole – rat? I mean really… how about a cute poodle?

BRM Boy: Anyway, onto our next video. Kim Gordon, what do you think of the psychedelic sounds of this new Wooden Shjips song?

Kim Gordan: Sure.

BRM BOY: “Sure”? Are you even paying attention? By the way, have you had any meetings lately? We are still hoping everyone remembers the opening paragraph…er, monologue.

Kim G: Oh yeah, I met with my bandmate Bill Nace and we discussed some plans for our new band Body/Head.

BRM BOY: Wow Kim… So you are really the 1st member of our panels of experts to come up here to plug something?

Kim Gordan: Oh no, me? I never do stuff like that – in fact, you can read about how I don’t in my book Girl In A Band: A Memoir, available now in paperback from HarperCollins.

BRM BOY: Going onto our next guest and video we have Kimmy Schmidt!  Hey Kimmy, why in God’s name did Netflix break your final season into two parts – we want to see them all now!

Kimmy Schmidt: What are you talking about?  Isn’t God’s name “Jon Hamm”?

BRM BOY: That is hard to argue with… So Kimmy we have a new video by the artist Sneaks, called PBNJ.

Kimmy: Is this song about eating peanut butter in New jersey? That sounds like a whole episode right there? And man that bass line is FUNKY! Did Titus play it?

BRM BOY: Titus? You mean Titus Andronicus and their making of “A Productive Cough”



(Kimmey rushes out of studio screaming, and chases off the rest of the panel as well)


BRMBOY: I wonder if they are going to check out the screening tonight at Rough Trade NYC? Oh, look… everyone is gone… Oh, wait! Well, look who’s back?


It’s Heathcliff! Did you just beam off of the spaceship from the new Peals video “Alles.” This song sounds like Andrea True Connection but sang in German! Does it get any better than that?



Heathcliff: Actually, the only thing I like is eating garbage. But I’d settle on peaches the day before they rot if you have any?


BRM Boy: Well, that happens to almost be the title of the awesome new video by Tim Ruttili and Craig Ross:


Well, panel… uh… I guess just Heathcliff, that is it for today. Sure, we are running BRNews into the ground-so unless you are stepping up to write the blog we are gonna keep on milking this cow. Besides, don’t I look great in a suit?

Heathcliff: I brought a fish skeleton with me!