Four Word Video Descriptions

<<<<written at 6:56 pm on Wednesday, September 26th>>>>


What? Blog time already! But I only have 4 minutes ’til quitting time! Where did the day go… Ok. First I was working on that report thing. Then, I restarted the computer because it was being weird and went to make some coffee and when I got back I was faced with this screen:

Well, I waited like 1 1/2 hours for that 33 minutes to wrap up and now here we go. The day is almost over. Let’s see… blog idea… blog idea… no time to… OOH! OK! 4 word video descriptions! One word for each minute I have to work on this.

Train conductor’s love song.

Me crying? No! YOU!

Hat weather is coming.

Not that Paul Williams.

Hula-hooping is super sick.

Smooth reggae from Volcanos!

Feedback is back, baby!

A four word sign-off (assuming you count hyphenates as a single word. According to the google search I did, they do-and when has the internet ever directed anyone astray? Also, Grammarly is trying to convince me that “four word” should be hyphenated. I’m sure they are right, but I cant think of another word to use there so I’m just going to ignore their advice. I’m great at ignoring advice!)