Happy Halloween from BRM!

   Boo! Scared you, right? Of course your guard is likely already up, since Halloween is right around the corner! Uh oh! So is a ghoul! Just kidding! Got you again! Ok, we admit it. Most Halloween scares are downright lame. So we went the other way and baked you some cookies, as you can see from the above picture. Also, we ate you some cookies too. We do not have cookie blog technology (yet) so the fact that those cookies don’t exist anymore might be the most legitimate scare you have this holiday season. Well, let’s see if we can scare up some more frights with these new tunes, shall we?

   What about a Twofer-Tuesday double shot of live C Duncan? Well, besides scaring you into remembering what morning zoo radio sounds like with my attempt at “hitting the post,” C Duncan also has some scary vibes for you. Well, sort of at least. His new album was born from a fascination with The Twilight Zone, and the episode The Midnight Sun in particular. So are these songs scary? Well, not exactly, but they are slightly creepy. He was going for more of a “vibe” thing. Either way, that’s premise enough to check out these gorgeous tunes.

   You want something legitimately scary? Think about how quickly the last ten years passed. Right? Mark Eitzel is thinking about it too with his excellent new tune “The Last Ten Years.” The past is a dimesnion as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. Oh wait. That’s The Twilight Zone. Sorry C Duncan. Your influence has seeped over.

   You want something ELSE legitimately scary? Think about how long it’s been since you got a good night’s rest! Mwahahahaha. You’re as frightened as you’ve been in a while, right? Well then check out “Rest” from Sacred Paws and double down on those feelings (please note: this song isn’t actually scary at all). Although… Sacred Paws? Are those anything like evil possessed monkey paws, but more religious? *shudder*

   Even the title of this Ray & Remora song is scary. “Honey Beware.” Who tells you to beware of something good? “Beware, those kittens are very adorable” doesn’t really work. Although if bees are poisonous , then “HONEY BEWARE” would apply nicely.


   I mean, there sure are scarier things that could “Follow You Around” than Purling Hiss. Still, it’s a tiny bit stalker-y.

   Have you read the latest sci-fi thriller The Crutchfield?  It’s about a dystopian future where Merge Records has started cloning their talent, but one of the clones is evil, and loose in The Gilmore Girls town of Stars Hollow, and is going after Dean! OH NO. Ok. That’s all made up. In fact, the scariest thing about this new video is just how much talent there is in the Crutchfield family. This time around, check out Allison Crutchfield’s “Dean’s Room.”

   In celebration of it being one year since Joanna Newsom released Divers, (another scary quick passage of time) Drag City gifted her fans an unreleased track this week with “Make Hay.” Which I think means Joanna wants you to dress up as The Scarecrow this Halloween. Hey there are worse ideas, right?

   I mean, the name of this new American Football tune is “Home Is Where The Haunt Is.” What more do you need?

   Also, since it’s Halloween, here’s some Count Floyd!

Dressed as a sexy blog writer this Halloween,