Happy Rosh Hashanah!

L’Chiam! Happy belated Rosh Hashanah! If you’re anything like BRM Boy, you are feeling particularly drawn to your roots right now. He asked us if he could write the blog post this week, because the “perfect theme” was right there with all these songs. Who are we to deny his desires. So take it away BRM Boy!


Oy, I just need to point out how much better this Fred Thomas video would be if they were in a sukkah. I mean if you are outside you might as well get ready for Sukkot!



The light song? Well this must be about the Hanukkah lights!  That is great, because Hanukkah could use a few new jams (sorry “Dreidel” by Don Mclean just isn’t cutting it).  Thanks Emma!




Field Work? Well the only field work that has to be done is making that damn Sukkah with Fred Thomas!




Mother Man? Well of course mom this song is about you? And yes i feel guilty saying that and I will visit/call soon.  Really.




Stop slouching and walk like a mench.  Your body language is terrible! You’ll never meet a nice jewish girl walking around like that!




Come up with me? Must be about going to the top deck of a cruise, you know the one you took last year? And no, I DON’T want to see the slides of your trip again…




Sure the weather was unfair, but i told you to move to Florida so stop kvetching!




Good? You call that good? Sure it was FINE, but the food wasn’t hot enough, the challah was burnt, and the matzah ball soup was bland, but yeah for that price it was good.




BRM Boy, Lyle, and John (aka BRM Goy)