HOW IS IT ALMOST 2019!?!?!

So if you are a long-time associate of Bank Robber Music, you know that every year (for the last few years at least) we send out a lovingly created, old-school, paper and ink-style calendar. Well, someone needs to spend their October creating that bad boy every year, you know! It just so happens that the person is me! It also happens to be CRUNCH TIME OH MY GOD I GOTTA GET THIS THING DONE! FAST! So forgive me if this week’s calendar is a little calendar centric. Let’s get calendar!

It’ll be more than a little drama if I don’t meet my deadline. Derek will MURDER me if I don’t get it done by next week.

I like to think that the BRM calendar is the only paper calendar millennials might ever have.

I’m feeling like a crooked man myself, hunched over my computer furiously working on month-related “jokes.”

We considered printing the calendar in blacklight ink once, but boy oh boy is that stuff expensive!

I don’t mind that the calendar has become a permanent fixture of the BRM holiday giveaway. Really I don’t. But it IS a lot of work.

Nothing makes you think about how the sun keeps coming up like having to fill in a little square for every day in a year.

Uh… Blood… I can’t think of a calendar joke involving blood. Don’t have time to think about it anymore HOW IS IT ALMOST 2019 ALREADY!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

1983? That isn’t what year it is, is it? If so, I gotta completely start over…

Save the date!