Its The Day To Decide!

It’s the Day to Decide!



Happy National Day Off to Vote!

No, it’s not a national holiday….yet.

In the meantime there is an opportunity to DIY and DIT (do it together) making voting a priority, thousands of businesses are doing so. is asking companies to either give their employees the entire November 2018 election day off from work or two hours off, fully paid, for the purpose of democracy in action. 



Nearly 60% of voting-eligible Americans did not vote in our last midterm elections.

35% of the nonvoters said that scheduling conflicts with work or school kept them from getting to the polls.




Are you in?

Sign on to give employees and colleagues time off to get to the polls. Print the BE RIGHT BACK image and put it on your office door, and/or post it on the home page of your website.

Need more support? Patagonia has been offering paid time off to vote since 2004. They are part of a current coalition Make Time to Vote.





And remember, bands are businesses. Encourage everyone you work with to get out and vote. Make a party of it! Second line to the poll.


So you’ve decided to sign on supporting time off to vote, but you want to do more. Or maybe you can’t offer time off (yet) but you’d like to encourage everyone you know to vote. Reach out to your fives (below) or check in with the Vote With Me App.






“In 2016, roughly 40 percent of the voting-eligible population did not vote. Among the four in 10 who did not vote, a Pew Research Center survey suggested that about 25 percent believed their ballot would not change anything, and 15 percent believed the election outcome was in little doubt. It can be challenging to see the value of participating in this system that doesn’t feel representative of ourselves or the greater demographics of our country, but sitting out is not the answer.” via Rise up Portland.


There are many people doing great work (including musicians and bands), look for them. Headcount and Rock the Vote have been on the issue for years. Be inspired and work with our friends, families, and fans. Big props to Jolt Texas as one example.





Find your polling place:

Do you need help getting to the poll? Care shares are offering free rides.

Want to drive others to the polls? Vote Riders!

Bring your ID! What else do you need? Anything?

If there are any issues voting, ask for a provisional ballot.

And then report the issue. 866-OUR-VOTE

What’s on your ballot?


Create an industry-wide music business based initiative supporting a day off to vote, and work towards the national holiday initiative.

Find vetted local non-profits doing great work in your area via the Movement Voter Project.

Really want to nerd out on voting and infrastructure?

Democracy Works


Voting isn’t the only way to respond, but it’s important. If we decline the opportunity to vote, we give power of decision over our lives and communities to those who do show up.







Rebecca Gates