May 2017 Web Update!

Hey everybody! I’m back! Did you miss me while I was on vacation last week? (in case you were wondering, Asbury Park is lovely this time of year. They have rain there that’s horizontal!) Judging from the way Derek’s “13 Reasons” blog outperformed just about every blog post I’ve written this year, you were just fine with my absence. Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m back to my same old tricks this week. Head to our  and you will find an exciting new round of new releases to read about and listen to. We have new tunes from The Mountain Goats, Rogue + Jaye, Erasure, PWR BTTM and many, many more. Enjoy! Or… at least… enjoy anything written by not Derek as much as you can (I PROMISE I’m not bitter…)
You wish I was on vacation again, I know it,