Murder, She Elf

 Hey everyone! How’s it going? Feels like its been a while since we talked. The last two weeks have been a flurry of family dinners and dental visits for me. I’ll let you guess which one of those I’m completely fed up with. Anyway, before we get to the bevy of new videos we have to share this week, get ready for…

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…a new contest!
As we have for the past few years now, we are having a silly Elf On The Shelf knock-off game. Last year we did an elf version of Dudley Moore for Arthur 2: On The Shelf. The year before that was Alf On The Shelf. What ridiculous nonsense do we have planned for this year? Well, get ready mystery lovers for Murder, She Elf!


That pic there is for demonstration purposes only. The actual downloadable and printable version .

So what happens when you print Jessica Fletcher out? Well, you haul her around this holiday season and get some sweet pics with her. Our favorite pic will win someone a very fantastic prize that we will totally order and ship out in a timely fashion. In fact, we may have already ordered the prize… So post your pics, tag @bankrobbermusic and use #murdersheelf if you wanna. Deadline is 1/3/17, and we will announce the winner on 1/5/17 (check it out! /17s!). We’d love it if you entered.

Onto this week’s crop of videos. Does “bumper crop” mean “a crop of videos that gets you bumpin”? Besides, of course, meaning this. Either way, let’s dig in!

YouTube commenter unread said it all one week ago about Hiss Golden Messenger’s new video for “Like a Mirror Loves a Hammer.” “This is goddamn sublime.” Too true unread, too true.

When I said that thing about videos getting us bumpin’, this was the tune I had in mind. Check out the slick danceability of Factory Floor’s “Wave.”

If you are sensitive to animal sadness, then be forewarned. This new PUP vid is one Finn Wolfhard (you know, from Stranger Things) starring tearjerker.

Wait, Psych-Funk is a thing? Cool!

This video is giving me some serious 120 Minutes flashbacks.

This new video from Mike Kinsella’s Owen is the King of why haven’t you watched dit yet? Get it? Because the new album is called King Of Whys!

Ooh! This new Radiation City video is so good. Dig that Stevie Wonder bass sound!

We hope to see your #murdersheelf pics soon!