It’s beginning to feel a lot like summer, everywhere you look…
Oh right. Summer is over… Or is it? Who even knows anymore. This is the hottest autumn I can remember. It’s too late in the year to wear summer-y colors, but it’s also too hot to wear fall duds. The climate, it sure is a-changin’. But what’s not a-changin’ is the relentless release of excellent new music, and this week is no different. So behold, the latest and greatest in new videos and [official audio] and stay tuned tomorrow for a special video presentation (don’t worry, you’ll see it in the usual places). Let’s get started, shall we?


“Summer’s almost gone,” eh Sweet Apple? I’ll believe THAT when I feel it. But maybe that just means that your excellent new video for “Summer’s Gone” will be true forever now? Either way, it’s a doozy of a tune. Check it out!

Supergroup Mister Heavenly’s new LP release date is fast approaching, and to get us even more excited they have graced our ears with the exotically catchy “Makin’ Excuses.” Enjoy!

Speaking of super groups (I know, 2 different things, but I only have SO much “clever” up my sleeves) we have an excellent new record from The Clientele coming tomorrow, and to further ramp up our anticipation, they have released a new tune. Check out “Everything You See Is Different From Itself.” (Which is also a good way to describe whatever season we are in right now… Summall? Autmmer?)

Boy oh boy, were we ever excited to learn that our buds at Polyvinyl are releasing the new 7” from office favorite, Diane Coffee. Believe us, to know Shaun is to love Shaun. And we ADORE him! You’re gonna fall in love with his new tune “Poor Man Dan” in like 3 seconds flat. It’s so good, just like everything else he does.

Eric Copeland (of Black Dice) is prepared to release his new LP tomorrow, Goofballs. But you don’t have to wait until then to hear a new song from it. In fact, you don’t have to wait at all, as you can check out the infinitely danceable, “Mixer Shredder” right now!

You know what goes great with any type of outside mystery? Stoned-out, psych-folk a la The Peacers. Get ready for the double exposed video mastery of “Jurgen’s Layout!”

Anyone that knows me, knows that I absolutely adore everything Circuit des Yeux releases. So the news that her newest record was coming out on Drag City was excellent news, and the fact that this new tune “Black Fly” is as stunningly great as it is only makes me feel like my opinions on stuff are always right on. Thanks CDY!

If you’re in the mood for some head-nodding film strip electronica, then do I have a fantastic song for you. From his upcoming album “Exit Entrance” do give many listens to the infectious “Intention” from NHK yx Koyxen!

Our buds in Twinsmith have released a new video from their summer release Stay Cool. “You & I” is as cute as a rock video can get. Prepare yourself for a tremendous amount of hand holding.

Thanks for reading! Stay cool out there!