Man oh man… This is gonna be one distracted blog post. I literally just got back from a two night jaunt to the Jersey Shore 20 minutes ago! What a glorious trip it was. Look, my lady friend and I even built a sand castle:

Please note the pit of monsters surrounded by the pyramids, that was my bit.

Ok, so even though there is still sand in my ears and sunburn on my face, I’m here, ready to work a half day, and write the hell out of this blog (before I collapse onto my desk in exhaustion. Vacations are tiring!) So let’s dig in (just like I did to that sand!)
Besides their singular, experimental sound, Liars have also always been know for their gorgeous, haunting videos, and this newest one for “Staring At Zero” is no exception.

If you’re ready to reminisce, then nothing says “the good old days” like black and white footage, right? SNST know that, as is evidenced by the excellent tour footage they shot during this year’s SXSW for the video for “Phoenix 1986.”

OK, I know you’re all hopped up on that pinball machine footage from the last video (can’t be just me that loves that stuff) so let’s calm everyone down with the the soothing build of Mogwai’s “Crossing The Road Material.”

The one-two combination of acoustic magicians Bill MacKay and Ryley Walker is rivaled by only that of chocolate and peanut butter. But since I haven’t figured out a way to give you Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups via the Blog, I will give you the conversational tuneage of “Lonesome Traveler.”

Quick! Instrumental soul breakdown via Colemine Records! Get yourself to boogying with Ikebe Shakedown’s “Supermoon!”

“We Are The Weirdos” is the new video from TRØN & DVD’s upcoming LP “Afraid of the Dark” and it’s for everyone who figured out early in life that they’d rather stay home doing whatever they wanted as opposed to going to dumb parties that they didn’t want to be at anyway.

A few weeks ago we brought you the [official audio] of Destroyer’s new tune “Tinseltown Swimming In Blood.” Well you can forget about that business, because we now have the official video! Take that static pictures!

Coming this November, new music from FAN, the recording project of Meric Long of Dodos fame. This is once of the tracks from that upcoming 7”. Get ready to burn along with “Fire.”

Get ready to kneel at the alter of this new Blis. track from their new(!) LP coming this October. “Old Man” is here to rock your socks off-assuming you are wearing socks, otherwise, it’s gonna knock your shoes/sandals right off, and then you’ll be barefoot. THAT is why you should always wear socks!

Speaking of zero (remember what I said about the Liars video a few minutes ago?), that’s what I’m running on right now. Good thing this is the end of the line for this week. Thanks for reading!