New-Tunes-O-Rama (Good News Edition)

Boy oh boy, good news is hard to come by these days, isn’t it? Well, not here! This week’s blog post promises to be good news only! I swear! Hold on to your hats. Unless you don’t wear a hat, of course. In which case, hold onto whatever you want (dealer’s choice).

Well this is some good news indeed! The Clientele have announced a new album! Their first in 7 years! (wow, good news feels so rare these days, eh?).

Speaking of good news (as well as speaking of Merge Records), Cannes’ Bronze Prize for Innovation went to an Apple piece from last year that we had a hand in, feat. music from Will Butler. (maybe good news is becoming less rare? A boy can dream, right?)

Ok, this good news is rater specific. But if you love music about LSD and aliens that sounds like ‘80s King Crimson (it’s like I’m talking about myself. Which is true, I CANNOT stop listening to this record) then do I have something for you. Guerilla Toss‘ newest album GT Ultra, which comes out this Friday, is all that and more! Check out the 1st song from the new album “Betty Dreams of Green Men.”

As if Moby releasing his latest album More Fast Songs About The Apocalypse isn’t good news enough, he’s also been making videos to promote it. Sure, it’s a rather depressing commentary on our current state, but what isn’t, right? Also, whatever you do, DO NOT read the comments on this video whatever you do for the love of god. You have enough to worry about without getting sucked down that “butthurt-heavy” rabbit hole.

Good news! We are less than a month away from the release date for the new Twinsmith LP! Even better is you & I can now listen to “You & I” immediately! Fall under their electro-pop spell ASAP!

If you loved this year’s release of Greyland from Tiny Hazard on Ba Da Bing, then I have some good news for you! They have produced a video for “Thirsty Sponge” and it’s ready for your viewing pleasure.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s blog post. If not, then I have some good news for you! It’s over!
Thanks for reading,