Ahh, blog day. It’s a double-edged sword. On the one hand, I like the idea that I know exactly what I’m doing the day I write these. It’s comforting. Today: blog. On the other hand, I’ve been trying to come up with new blog post premises for years now, and “complaining about coming up with blog premises” was the last line in my notebook. So keep your fingers crossed, because I may have nothing after this week.


If only something would happen in the world that isn’t so scary as to keep me from blogging about it (believe me, you wouldn’t have liked the fake Russian blog anyway, although the line “in Russia, video watches you” did make the intern giggle, so maybe we’ll hire that kid.) So on with the show! It’s a New-Tunes-O-Rama!


Dion Lunadon, he of A Place To Bury Strangers fame, has a solo album coming out this summer. What we’ve heard so far has been some excellent hyped-up, punk-y noise rock. Now, enjoy the video for “Fire” as you play “name that movie” with the countless clips included.

It doesn’t get much more charming than this new Entrance video. Seriously. It’s a joy.

If you read of the new ADULT. album this week and want more of their “unusually electrifying”sound, then check out “As You Dream.”

You wouldn’t catch me with nails this long on an inner tube, but I was never very pool-brave anyway. Check out the lovely new video from Little Scream.

I’ve said it before (in fact, I might have said it on last week’s blog), and I’ll say it again (on this week’s post in fact): I consider every song Laetitia Sadier writes to be a personal gift to me. But I’m happy to share with you guys. Check out “Galactic Emergence.” (Which has nothing I’m sorry to say to do with a Battlestar Galatica reboot):

As far as supergroups go, Big Walnuts Yonder’s pedigree is up there with Cream in terms of talent on board. Mike Watt. Nick Reinhart. News Cline. Greg Saunier. That is some lineup, right? Minutemen, Deerhoof, Tera Melos AND Wilco players? Look out Toto but this is so intense. So is their newest single, “Sponge Bath.”

Here’s to hoping I can come up with some new premises by next week (I’m looking at you newly hired intern).