#newreleasefriday 06/02/17

Hey gang!

So, remember the good old days? You know, back when our biggest fears were what color that dress was and if the president was gonna continue to wear mom jeans (which would be so in fashion right now-Obama: ahead of the times). Back then, records came out on Tuesdays too… Well, we haven’t been able to figure out how to fix any of that other stuff (but we sure are trying), but we can do something about the lack of New Release Tuesday.

See, every Friday we post some lovingly made videos to commemorate the albums that release that day. So we thought it might be fun to collect them the Tuesday after onto one, easy to see blog post-type page. Which is what you are looking at right now! So check out videos for last Friday’s releases from Superchunk, Mutoid Man, and Andrew Cohen & Light Coma.





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