Please Welcome FNA Records’ Vintage Metal To BRM!

I know, its been a while but we are back to blogging! Ok, admittedly it’s not like we are back to faxing – but sometimes the long tweets with the numbers – eh too much! Besides, not only is doing a blog post a “throwback” but this whole post is about a, uh, “throwback”! Yup, that’s right! We are going back to the 80’s when metal was king, hair was big, and lots of other stuff that definitely shouldn’t have been allowed back then let alone now.  So yes-BRM would like to welcome FNA Records to its staple of re-issue labels with more rockin’ metal then you’ll find anywhere this side of the Iron Belt (is that a thing? was there a metal band called Iron Belt?).  Anyway, as we say live on stage – “enough nappin’ – let’s get a rockin’” with a few examples from the FNA label.


When you think of metal you DEFINITELY think of Erie PA! Not only is Erie a mere 6-hour drive along the PA Turnpike away from the BRM Bethlehem, PA office (as well as the extended BRM Newcomers) but its also home to The Snowmen.  I will not waste a lot of quality googling time on them, but let’s just say in 1982 you dress up like snowmen and you ROCK – in an early 80’s MTV kinda way (and that is a very good thing indeed). Check out this clip straight from the VHS tape:


Well next to Erie, St. Petersburg Florida is another hotbed for metal – especially in the late ’80s.  Do you remember this bad boy from MTV by Roxx Gang?  I don’t, because I was still trying to make Mime-Ska happen (pick it up! but silently!) but hopefully you do:

Want more from the amazing FNA? We have a killer little playlist right here for you to peruse!

Until next blog -see ya at the fax machine!