A Quick Blog Before A Long Weekend

Slow down there! Look, I know you are half out the door with a long weekend on your mind, but relax. There’s plenty of time left to celebrate the 4th of July weekend AFTER you spend a few minutes with this week’s lovingly curated blog post. I won’t waste any of your time, so let’s get started!

I don’t care what firework displays you might catch. Doesn’t matter which parties you attend. None of that will match the power of the latest video from A Giant Dog.

Whew. Right? After a performance like that we need to chill out a bit. We should do it with the sweet duo-y goodness of Rogue + Jaye and the easy to love sounds of “Golden Lady.”

Sure, I could tell you all about who is in Lo Tom. Or I could let this excellent back and forth from youtube commentators do it for me.
Agreed David Sky Walker! We love this shit too!

It has been a very exciting year to be a Generationals fan (and a terrible year for fans of logical discourse, but I digress…) as “Mythical” is the 4th (count ‘em 4!) excellent single the band has released.

I’m sure I’m starting to sound like a broken record here, but I LOVE the new Guerilla Toss LP (so much so, that my OS has stopped trying to autocorrect Guerilla into Gorilla. Take THAT ghost of Steve Jobs!).

We are very excited that Drag City announced a new Wand LP this week. Although we have to wait until the end of September for the whole thing (hahaha take THAT kids going back to school!), there is a video for the new song “Plum” to whet our appetites.

If you wanna remember how this blog post ends, then wrap it up by watching the new SNST video for “Remember How It Ends.”

See. That wasn’t too long! Now get out of the office and start-y to party!