New RTP Site!

Ok. So this week we have some special, important news to unfurl! No, we are not transitioning into a financial institution (but we probably should buy just in case). No, this week we are pleased to introduce you to the newly designed! Gaze at it’s many informative quadrants. See the composer highlight reels! Hear samples of new recordings from RTP artists. Marvel at the news stories we posted up top. But don’t spend too much time over there, because we have videos-a-plenty to share with you this week.

Since we are celebrating the new RTP site, it only makes sense that we start things off with a few new tunes from RTP artists. So let’s start with the new video from Sweet Spirit! I hope you have a helmet on, because this video is gonna beat yer ass!

We are very much looking forward to the impending release of the new album from RTP fav Chelsea Wolfe (what can we say, 2017 is a very Chelsea Wolfe-needing kind of year). Check out a new tune from that upcoming album, and get ready to fall in love with Chelsea’s heaviest jam yet!

Man oh Manischewitz, is this new Waxahatchee record ever good. Get ready to feel feelings while you check out the video for “Recite Remorse.”

Frankly, the only thing that could make a White Reaper video any better than they normally are is a turn from the talented Alexandra Daddario as every member of the band. Funnily enough, that’s exactly what happens in the “Judy French” vid.

Do you know when the right time is for a new Alvvays tune? Any time! It’s ALVVAYS time for a new Always song… wait. I mean, it’s AWLAYS time for a new Alvvays song. Ok. Enough word play! Check out “Dreams Tonight!”

This new Man Forever video has enough close-ups to make the most ardent Jonathan Demme fan jump for joy.

As I said on twitter yesterday (because I’m nothing if not self-referential) this “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet-esque” video from Sweet Apple is a blast. Do you have your ticket to ride the train? Hope so, cause the Devil is gonna be pissed if you don’t.

The supergroup Mister Heavenly are back! Honus Honus of Man Man, Nick Diamonds of Islands, and Joe Plummer of The Shins and Modest Mouse have teamed up for a new LP coming later this year. But you can hear “Beat Down” now and know that they have set the bar for lyric videos VERY high with this one.

As Lyle said when he first heard this song by Tera Melos: “Chops! These dudes sounds like The Minutemen on steroids!”

Nashville producer-songwriter Daniel James is back with his 3rd LP as Canon Blue! Well, almost back. The record was just announced yesterday, so we need to wait a bit. But we can take comfort in the first new song from him in over 5 years! Enjoy!

Whew… What a weighty blog post. If you got it this far, you deserve a prize. So… um.. Congrats! You are the mayor of your city/town for the day. Do whatever you want. After all, you’re the mayor!
Enjoy the Mayoring,