Snow Day 3: FFS!?!

Are you kidding me? ARE YOU F*$&ING KIDDING ME!?! When we did a second blog a few weeks ago, it was already too late in the year to be doing such (remember #thundersnow? remember #blogdrunk?). Well, somehow we are all PJ bound again in our chilly apartments, wondering if we’ll get snow days in April this year… So here it is, a third snow day blog… This is an OUTRAGE!

“Spiral Tee Shirt”? It’s like Mike Donovan is rubbing it in our east coast faces that the worst thing that happens in San Francisco is some rain (speaking of which, BRM’s Derek is in San Francisco right now! If you want a meeting with him, hit us up!)

Ought has nailed it here with “Desire.” I have a desire alright. A desire to wear whatever shoes I want!

Do you think it snows on “Moon Two?” I mean, it can’t be as cold as it is here. I’d be willing to move. Someone call Elon Musk for me.

“Be Careful What You Wish For” Erasure? I mean, all I’m wishing for is ANY WEATHER OTHER THAN BOR’EASTERS!!!

Webster’s Dictionary defines “Malison” as “a curse.” I’m beginning to think that the Eastern Seaboard has been cursed… Scratch that… The way things are going, I’m actually CERTAIN we’ve been cursed.

Well Sarah Louise, you’ve certainly hit the nail on the head with “When Winter Turns.” The problem is, I don’t think it’s EVER gonna turn into anything. Get ready to dig your car out on your summer vacations this year. Thanks climate change deniers!

BTW, if you haven’t heard about our plan, please check it out!

Keep your goulashes dry and your butts warm!