Super Quick Easy Blog

No time to lose! If you’re anything like me, you are woefully behind on work after the holiday weekend. Actually, if you are anything like me you are in fact DESPERATELY behind after having vacation last week, and arrived back at work to be piled under technical problems (whose internet goes bad while they are away not touching anything? Mine does apparently…) So in an effort to save your time (and mine) I present a Super Quick Easy Blog. You’re welcome!


Ralphie! Makes me think about how quickly the holidays will be here…


Are we good Eleanor? We sure are!


I am stuck in a future hell right now…


We are all excited for Antarctigo Vespucci’s new incoming LP. Well, everyone except for my spell check that is.


It’s almost Friday! Goof around with Brother JT and his Lazy Man’s Guitar video series. Because why not!?


Selva Oscura? More like… Um… Selma something? Something Obscura? This joke format isn’t working! Too late! MOVE ON!


I listen to a lot of Guerilla Toss. Like them a lot. Uh… the end?