Seeing as how next Thursday is Thanksgiving, this blog post is meant to last for two weeks. How’s that? Well, seeing as how the office is closed on the most holiest of holy days (after all, it’s all about food, which is the only reason to celebrate imo) we won’t be posting to the blog next week. But that’s ok. Think about it like this. What’s the best part of Thanksgiving? Sure, the meal next Thursday is gonna be great. But even better than that is the few days after that when the fridge is filled with-that’s right-leftovers! All those turkey sandwiches! All those late night trips to the fridge to grab a quick bite of cold stuffing! All those cocktails made with leftover cranberry sauce! So if you are missing the blog by the end of next week, just re-read this week’s. It’s like spaghetti sauce, it’s tastes even better after being in the fridge for a few days. Let’s dig in–you’ve all said grace, right? You haven’t! Well then, let me give you a few pre-dinner prayers to keep in your back pocket.

May the new video for Hollie Cook’s “Survive” allow us to do just that as we spend more time with our extended families then we are able to emotionally.

May we, over the next year, get everything our heart’s desire. Like Tangents playing live in the US! Please!!!

May I somehow wake up remembering all the French I forgot since High School. Then I’d know what is being sung about in the new Essaie pas video.

Please, as I travel via the skyways this holiday season, let me arrive in a style as fancy as the super-fancy new Jesse Marchant video.

May the debut from Ian Sevnonius as Escape-Ism be the first in many releases as such. This record kickith ass. So it is written.

I know that I will certainly not feel “weightless” after gouging myself on Thanksgiving, but it’d be a lot cooler if I did. Help me Tica Douglas!

Please tell me that there will not be raisins in the stuffing this year, asking for a friend…

Don’t forget to eat your vegetables!