The 2018 BRMies!

The glamour! The glitz! The awkward red carpet interviews! The ever professional David Niven! The forgotten “thank you” to your significant other from the stage! All that can only mean one thing. We are smack dab in the middle of award season! So we thought we should get into the spirit of it all and hand out some BRMies this week! “What’s a BRMie” you ask? Why, its a “clever” device whereby I assign each of the songs I was already gonna post this week a made up award so I have some kind of blog post theme to go with… Oops! I mean a BRMie is a very coveted award! (To much “behind the scene” business right there! I always get nervous in front of a live TV audience. Wait. This IS being broadcast, right? It’s not? I put on pants for nothing then! Oh well… BRM Boy is of course wearing Penguin) On with the show!

…and the BRMie for Canada’s sloppiest handyman goes to… The guy from the latest Destroyer video!

…the BRMie for the most psychedelic world music video you’re gonna ever see goes to the new Tal National video for “Akokas!”

…the BRMie for the most Captain Kirk-like exploration of the Philadelphia Horticulture Center goes to Hurry bassist Joe DeCarolis for his fern petting in the new video for “Waiting For You.”

…The BRMie for the best use of a chorus pedal we’ve heard in a long time goes to that guitar lead for Jay Som’s new tune “Pirouette!”

…and now, as voted on by the youtube commenters for this video, the BRMie for best video to “vibe” to is “Park Bench Imagination” from Purling Hiss!

…the BRMie for best fetishization of office supplies goes to No Age for their newest video for “Send Me.”

…the BRMie for best drum shuffle we’ve heard in ages goes to Jesse Marchant for his new song “6&5”!

…the BRMie for the song to have the best plans made to meet up at an Outback Steakhouse goes to…
That’s right! It’s the youtube comment section for the infectious new f-bomb heavy of Montreal song “Paramoiac Intervals/Body Dismorphia”!
of Montreal “Paranoiac Intervals/Body Dismorphia” (Polyvinyl)

…and finally, the BRMie for the most painterly video of the week goes to the song with the title that also wins the BRMie for best describing how we mostly all feel right now, it’s “Disgraced in America” from Ought!

Thanks for “tuning in,”