Everything’s normal. Right?

No reason not to make this week’s blog a fun one.

So let’s just have some fun.

Look! I made a Simpsons .gif!

Fine. Normal. Let’s dig in!

A new Shout Out Louds LP? Shout it out louds from the rooftops (d’oh)! After all, it’s been years. But while we wait for the record to come out later this year, they have gifted the world (say thank you world!) with a new single, and a video to boot.


If you did too much shouting from rooftops after that last tune, your lips might be sore. So sore, in fact, that they turned blue. Or, even worse, turned black! Eeesh! Speaking of segues, check out this trippy new Black Lips video for “Can’t Hold On To My Sanity….” oh wait… that’s the name of my memoirs I started writing. This tune is simply called “Can’t Hold On.”


Next, we have the stark visuals from “Importance 101,” new new video from White Hills decidedly industrial effort Stop Mute Defeat. Black and white. And eyeballs. And no, it has nothing to do with Un Chien Andalou by Salvador Dali and Luis Buñuel OR “Bette Davis Eyes” (but I’d gladly listen to White Hills cover that song).


Besides writing gorgeous, haunting tunes, Good Good Blood is also very nice on twitter. Which is saying something these days. I highly recommend following James on twitter (@goodgoodblood). I also recommend checking out his new video for “Away Away.” Maybe do both at the same time?


A new video from last year’s Honeyblood album Babes Never Die is here to remind you of three things. 1) “Walking at Midnight” is a great tune 2) You like horror movies from the ‘70s. 3) You went another year without using your dvd player-time to get rid of that thing!


If you haven’t spent some time with Bill MacKay’s new LP for Drag City, you should start soon. In fact, you could start now (convenient!) by checking out the new video for his singular solo-guitar sounds with “Powder Mill Park” and hopefully before too long we can also check out Weird Al’s parody of it “Powdered Milk Park.”


If you’re not singing “this is the way the body works” to yourself after this new video from ADULT. then you forgot to turn the sound on (and no you didn’t leave the dvd player on!).

Look, I’ve been singing that line so much I made another Simpsons .gif.

See? Fine!