Boy oh boy, we went from zero to summer so fast that Car & Driver magazine rated our acceleration abilities with an 8.6 (take THAT Pitchfork!). Seriously though, it sure got hot fast. HOW HOT IS IT?  It’s almost like our climate follows no set of rules… like it’s changing or something… Weird. You know what else is heating up fast–besides the ice caps I mean? Or besides my tuchas – why oh why did i wear my curadroy tux to work today? This week’s blog post! We have some tunes that are hot! hot! hot! (thanks Buster Poindexter… I mean David Johan… never mind) videos to unleash upon you like a heat wave! So without further ado, let’s light this puppy up (No dogs were hurt in making this blog, well if you don’t count my feet, damn lamb skin sneakers)!

This week was full of exciting music announcements. For instance, Chelsea Wolfe announced her new metaltastic album Hiss Spun, and shared the first single, the brutally gorgeous “16 Psyche.” Watch and learn:

If you’re sitting there like “man, my face is so not melted at all. I need some metal to make my face melt right off” then you are in luck. Mutoid Man is here to brutalize your ears with a live video for their War Moans standout track “Date With The Devil.” P.S. You know the Devil would make you pay for that date. “Oops, I forgot my wallet” is probably what he would say. What a cur!

Another super fun announcement was that Leif Vollebekk’s LP Twin Solitude has made it onto the Polaris Music Prize 2017 short list. To celebrate, he releases an amazing live performance video for his tune “Vancouver Time.” As we said on twitter yesterday, #sogood

Vancouver Time (Official Video) by Leif Vollebekk on VEVO.

We have seen Charly Bliss a ton live this year, so we can attest to the antics in this video. Wherever they go, they take the party with them. Party along to the sounds of “Westermarck.”

If any of your best friends are cherries, then the flagrant smooshing of that particular fruit might upset you in Sneaks new video for “With A Cherry On Top.” If you are ok with cherrycide however, then you are in for a real treat.

Another exciting announcement was Julia Jacklin’s upcoming 7” for Eastwick b/w Cold Caller. She made an excellent video for that first track. Check it out now!

As if the sweet percussive sounds of Man Forever aren’t awesome enough by themselves, John Colpitts asked lots of his awesome friends to help out with his new LPPlay What They Want. For this track? Oh, just LAURIE ANDERSON!

If you’ve been holding onto your drugs, waiting for the perfect moment to take them, then do them now–before you listen to The Peacers excellent psych-rock “Staying Home.”

Keep that A/C blasting,