Videorama (3/9/17)

Everyone is scrambling around the office, trying to get ready for SXSW week. So this week’s blog post is gonna be a brief, truncated… Oh wait. What’s that? We didn’t show videos last week because it was a web update? We have 12ish (what am I gonna do, count?) new videos to check out this week? Never mind. This will, in fact, be a lengthy, new-tune filled blog post. But with tunes like this, who could complain?

I can only imagine retirement bearded David Letterman jamming along to the newest Future Islands jam.
I bet he’s as excited as we are for their new LP to come out next month.

From all indications, PWR BTTM is poised to take over the world. And with lyrics like “answer my text you dick” it’s no wonder.
Sing along with their tremendous new lyric video for “Answer My Text.”

I have zero “jokes” about this Jay Som tune. Man, I love her stuff. Check out “Baybee.”

We are huge fans of Lushlife and his music around the office. To bring that home even more, he recently released
a charity mixtape to benefit the ACLU and this tune is that last song from that tape.

It’s like I always say, if you’re gonna hold up a bank, do it in style!
Just like the masterminds in this new STRFKR video.

Seriously, Sneaks is making some of the most exciting music available these days.
Her sound makes me giddy. Get giddy yourself and check out “Hair Slick Back.”

Not gonna lie, this new Six Organs of Admittance video is more than a little creepy.
But that puppy sure is cute. And a cute pup covers a lot of creepiness.
But then again, so does a gorgeous song like this one.

If I’m looking for dance tunes these days, I’m listening to the new ADULT. LP.
You’re listening to it too if you watch this next video.

Weird, this is not the first video we’ve featured today with dead bodies lying on the ground.
Not sure if that is enough for a blog post theme, but it’s enough to check out this beyond heavy new Aseethe tune.

Stereolab or otherwise, I consider every song composed by Laetitia Sadier a gift specifically for me.
But I’m willing to share (what a guy, right?). Here she is with her new band Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble.
This tune also features Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip! Synergy!

Get ready for a summer full of the Generationals new tune “Turning The Screw” buy
watching it before it’s 300 degrees out. Seriously, if this song isn’t everywhere, don’t blame us.

Finally, we wrap things up this week with the new video from Against Me!’s “Haunting, Haunted, Haunts.”
I’ve said it before (and unless I get replaced as blog writer very soon, I’ll say it again) I LOVE an animated video.
So it’s no surprise that I love this gorgeous new clip.