I know, I know… Weather is a pretty boring topic for a blog post. But when the heat and humidity has melted your brain and left you an empty husk of a person, it’s tough to avoid. Seriously though, typing is making me sweat right now. It’s so hot that I can’t even come up with a funny analogy to stick into the post. Now THAT’S hot! Speaking of hot, we have some hot new tracks for you to dig into this week, so let’s get started.

If you thought that the heat was gonna make your face melt right off your ever lovin’ skull, then wait until the psychedelic garage sounds coupled with the acid trip visuals get your face to dripping with the new video from The Black Angels.

While we are in the process of melting your face off with psychedelic visuals, check out the long, strange trip of the new video from Guerilla Toss. Guaranteed to make your parents concerned for your sobriety!

Do you guts remember the Mike Figgis movie Timecode? In it, the screen was divided into four separate quadrants, with different action happening in each one. I’m wondering if the Shout Out Loud remember it, because their new video for the tune “Jumbo Jet” does the same thing to excellent results.

The newest release from industrial rockers Laibach is unlike anything they’ve ever released before. Take, for instance, the unmitigated beauty of the track “Vor Sonnen Untergang.”

We’ve taken to calling the the new David Bazan-led supergroup Lo Tom’s self-titled debut the most Barsuk-iest release Barsuk has ever released. Even the cover is just a riff on the Barsuk logo. Luckily, it’s as great a sound as all of there stuff too. Check out the fun times of “Another Audio.”

Wait I got one – it is so hot these videos melted my VHS player!

OK great – i still got it.

Now where is that ice bath?

Stay cool,