This has to be like the 10th intro to this week’s blog I’ve tried to write. I can’t. I can’t do it. There is only one thing on everyone’s mind and it ain’t great. But everyone needs a moment of solace, and hopefully a few of my dumb “jokes” can be that for you. Or at least it can be it for me? Either way, I’m sending you a digital hug and whispering “hang in there!” At some point, everything has to get better, right? Right?!? Please say I’m right…
I bet a healthy batch of new videos will help. Certainly can’t hurt, can they?
It doesn’t get more fantastical than the jiggly man-butt slapping, rainbow nipple “Mourning Sound” video from Grizzly Bear. It’s like an adult-only version of Adventure Time (or the Bank Robber Holiday Party)……

No matter how dark you are feeling, chances are Chelsea Wolfe is feeling even darker, as is evidenced by the goth-fueled fuzz of “16 Psyche.” I think i’m on my 17th Psyche, or at least my 17th shrink….

As we look forward to the release of the new LP from A Giant Dog (as well as the sure to be exciting live performances in the area) we can enjoy in the meantime the release of their latest single, “Roller Coaster.” Speaking of roller coasters, this last week… you know what? Never mind…

I’d be happy if Eva Moolchan, aka Sneaks, released a new minimalist jam every day (as opposed to the minimalist jam I make, which is just smushed berries in a jar without a lid.) But until that happens, I’ll have to settle for her great catalog of work thus far (which, admittedly, is a pretty good deal). Settle into some future sounds with “Future.” Speaking of THE FUTURE, are we there yet?

Wanna feel bad about all that time you spend putzing around on your phone? Then check out this new video from Third Culture Kings (Alap from dälek and Jan Johansen from Glorybox). They made the WHOLE ALBUM on their phones! Take that Twitter! Suck it Snapchat! Take that Tweetpee!

Get excited for NY hip hop underground sensations TRØN & DVD to break through in a big way now that they have their Kiam Records debut incoming. To quote the duo from their tweet to us yesterday (yeah, we know them) “no more parlor tricks!!!”

We try to never go TOO far into a blog before we hit some possibly drug-fueled psychedelia and “Bee Karma” from Wand is here to scare you with clowns and, well… even more creepy clowns.

If there’s one thing the dudes in Tera Melos have it’s chops. If there’s two things the dudes in Tera Melos appear to have, it’s chops and a super disturbing mask collection.

I don’t know what’s better in this new Pet Symmetry video, the use of dads or the use of the term “asshole casserole.” I’m gonna call it a tie.

Thanks for reading!