June 2017 Web Update!

No fair! When the first of a month lands on a Thursday, I have the least amount of time to prepare for a Web Update. I’m pretty sure I just did one like two weeks ago, right? Lemme check. Ok. So it was 3 weeks. Still… That’s a short turnaround! I mean, what else happens in a mere three weeks? If you were a baseball player with a strained hamstring or some spondylolysis, you’d be happy with a mere 21 day DL visit, right?


Thankfully, the vertical arch of my pars interarticularis is free from stress fractures, and really–all I had to do was write a bunch of fun blurbs for some killer new albums. You know what? I take it back. This IS fair! Enjoy new tunes from Mutoid ManGuerrilla Toss, a solo debut from Dion Lunadon of A Place To Bury Strangers, Numero Group, Palehound and many, many more. So head here (which is just our main homepage. What a world!)