BRNews Presents: June 2018 Web Update

BRM Boy: Welcome back to BRNews, the only news that matters. Joining me tonight, as always are Liberal White Lady and Angry White Guy.


Liberal White Lady: Hi Honey


Angry White Guy: Why isn’t the temperature in my ...

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The Best Of Colemine Records

For this month’s installment of “The Best Of” blog posts, we asked out pals over at Colemine Records. Terry Cole, the Co-Owner of Colemine, was kind enough to write up the following about his lovely soul label, and come up ...

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BRNews: Second Edition



Hi and welcome back to another installment of BRNEWS – where we go full SNL and milk a funny idea completely dry!  Maybe next week Toonses the driving cat and Mr. Bill will be on our panel? ...

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BRM Boy:

“Hello and welcome to BRNews. Breaking news this week are several new music videos that we will discuss in length, but before we dive in I’d like to bring in my panel of experts. Experts, please ...

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