Autumn It Up!

We are in full-swing autumn! I just got back from a quick jaunt to The Catskills, and that shit was cold! We did nothing but stare at the fireplace for 2 days whilst draped in the most brown and ...

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October 2018 Web Update

Alright. Every time I go to write a blog post or web update I tell myself “NO WRITING ABOUT THE WEATHER!” but seriously, its October, the dew point is 71 and I slept with the AC on last night. How ...

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Happy Columbus Ohio Day!

Wait, so next Monday is Columbus Day? We still celebrate that? That seems weird… Maybe there was a change and I didn’t hear of it, and it now instead celebrates the lovely city of Columbus, Ohio? I’m gonna go with...
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Four Word Video Descriptions

<<<<written at 6:56 pm on Wednesday, September 26th>>>>


What? Blog time already! But I only have 4 minutes ’til quitting time! Where did the day go… Ok. First I was working on that report thing. Then, I restarted the ...

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