Vol. 10 Issue 118 July 2015

Oh July. It’s like you’ve figured out a way to come at the beginning of summer and yet you also mean that summer is almost done. Not sure how you pull it off, but you do. Next thing you know back to school commercials will start and then it’s all over. So while you have a chance to enjoy summer’s last few minutes (ok, maybe it’s not THAT bad), enjoy some new tunes from Titus Andronicus, White Reaper, Slim Twig and more!

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Ask BRM Boy: 7/30/15

Posted by John On Jul 30, 2015

                  I know, I know… It’s been awhile since BRM Boy... Read More

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Caldo Verde



Titus Andronicus picture

Titus Andronicus

"The Most Lamentable Tragedy"

It’s pretty obvious that mega-awesome Titus Andronicus dosen’t care if you think the album is dead. Also, they don’t care if you think the rock opera is dead. Enter their newest LP, er… triple LP The Most Lamentable Tragedy (Merge). Besides being their debut for Merge Records, it is also a powerhouse of songs. A veritable bounty of ideas and rock and roll madness. One minute they are the Who, the next minute they are AC/DC, the next minute they are Social Distortion, the next minute…. Oh you get the idea. As you would expect, over the 29 songs found here, there are examples of lots of bands, lots of vibes, and all the feels. To surmise the whole thing into one blurb would be really tough, and an insult to the work they poured into this master-work. Consider it a tonic for the streaming crazy, single happy bands that seem to disappear before they appear. So start with the first single “Fatal Flaw” and get ready to devote a lot of time to listening and dissecting this monument to rock in the future.

Caldo Verde


Sun Kil Moon picture

Sun Kil Moon

"Universal Themes"

At this point, trying to explain to someone what a new Sun Kil Moon record sounds like is trying to find someone who hasn't seen Wizard Of Oz. Chances are, even if you haven't seen Wizard Of Oz, you know exactly what happens. It's like it's part of our collective DNA. Mark Kozelek's music is like that at this point. Autobiographical, long and winding songs, with Mark's craggly, creaky (yet somehow super-velvety) voice and guitar doing most of the work. Universal Themes (Caldo Verde) is more of the same beauty we have come to expect from Mark (let's not discuss what else we have come to expect from Mark, that's what the internet is for). Check out the road tale whimsey of "The Possum."



Amy Bezunartea picture

Amy Bezunartea

"New Villain "

With a musicality that falls somewhere between Yo La Tengo at their sleepiest, Joni Mitchell at her bluest, and the work Harry Nilson and Van Dyke Parks did for Altman's Popeye movie, and a voice that is all her own, Amy Bezunartea is back with New Villian (Kiam), her latest solo record. You might remember Amy as a member of Clint Michigan a few years back, but she is currently riding the high started on her solo debut from 2010. The tunes are definitely autobiographical, sometimes uncomfortably so for those of us with an aversion to real emotions (OK, you caught me. I meant me). Check out the lament of “Call On Me.”

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Thrill Jockey



White Reaper picture

White Reaper

"White Reaper Does It Again"

Louisville DIYers White Reaper are back with their full-length debut! How can a band be back for their debut? Easy EPs! Come on! Get your head in the game. White Reaper Does It Again (Polyvinyl) is full of snotty, youthful energy, a bit of punk (mostly in the growled vocals and the production), a smack of new wave (Cars-like keyboards abound), and some of that neo-garage vibe that Ty Segall is famous for. So get ready to figure out just how loud your neighbors will allow you to turn something up before they contact the authorities, because this one is in the red and demands to be heard loud loud LOUD! Knock some stuff over! Make a mess! Drink all the beers! Who cares?  Check out “Make Me Wanna Die” and be sure to feel like the opposite.



Slim Twig picture

Slim Twig

"Thank You For Stickin’ With Twig"

Slim Twig is back back back, baby! In a big way! His 5th release Thank You For Stickin’ With Twig (DFA) finds Mr. Twig further broadening his sonic palate. Known for his obsessive love of recording, his latest is somewhere between the soulful blues of King Khan, the moody electro-soundtrack work of Billy Corgan (trust me, it works), and the constant experimentation and madness of Captain Beefheart (this is literally one of the highest compliments I can pay someone). Really. Get ready to feel bad about every song you ever wrote, for the changes and bold ideas pouring out of this one man could make a band of dozens feel bad about their output. He is blissfully all over the place in the best possible away (after all, I did name Beefheart earlier, didn’t I). Check out the deconstructed rock of “Slippin’ Slidin’”

Thrill Jockey


Eleventh Dream Day picture

Eleventh Dream Day

"Works For Tomorrow"

If you’ve made it to 2015 without ever having heard Eleventh Dream Day, then I am gonna assume you were born in 2015. If that’s the case, then kudos to you, you smart little baby, for being able to read at age 0. EDD have been rocking and rolling since the ‘80s, and Works For Tomorrow (Thrill Jockey) is no exception to the rocking. Or the rolling. Full of the driving rhythms, the chug-a-lugging guitars and the from the heart vocals. Like a post-rock that existed before that was a thing, they exist somewhere between the unrelenting power of Trans Am, the pop-proclivities of Cheap Trick, and the energy of all your favorite punk bands. This time around, for the first time since since 1994, they recorded with a second guitar. And boy oh boy did that put him to good use, as their compositions are positively bursting with guitarmonies and feedback duels and everything you could ask for from a double axe lineup. Check out the krautrock-y road madness of “Vanishing Point” (and if you haven’t watched the road movie Vanishing Point in a while, you should probably do that too, with this song on repeat).