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Spiral Heads "Till I’m Dead"

From Trash Casual:

The album begins with the Flying Nun-inspired distorted pop jangle, “One of My Dreams,” and ends with the somber tribute to late-’80s Damned, “World Without Pain.” Throughout the record, the listener is exposed to the wallowing loneliness of Jim’s “Just So Down” and “Don’t Wanna See You Around,” Simon’s tongue-in-cheek nihilism on “NY Sorrow” and “The Roomba,” and the unnerving confessional intimacy of the Colin Newman-esque, “Seizure in Paris,” “One Before the One,” and “The Day My Baby Stopped Breathing.” Though the material was primarily conceived in isolation, the album as a whole purveys a sense of musical cohesion, as if the band didn’t compose a note outside the company of one another. The result is the rabble-rousing, boot-stomping, 13-track sing-along that is Spiral Heads… ‘Til I’m Dead.