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Typhoon "Offerings (Roll Call)"

Offerings, the fourth LP from Portland indie rockers Typhoon, is a majestic, mysterious journey. A story about the loss of memories told in 4 parts and inspired by the art singer/songwriter Kyle Morton was consuming at the time. Films by David Lynch, Christopher Nolan, Fellini; the writings of Samuel Beckett; as well as the paintings of Bosch and Rorschach paintings. The result is an acoustically led rock and roll album with a sound somewhere between The Decemberists, early Arcade Fire, Califone, and other literary rockers, but with a haunting quality that is all Typhoon’s. More haunting than an actual Typhoon? I imagine an actual typhoon is far more scarier than it is haunting, so the award goes to the band, not the weather phenomena. Check out the mental litmus test of “Rorshach.”