New Weekly Web Updates Vol. 1

I’m sure by now you know that each month we update the new releases section of our fine website. Well, we’ve decided to try something different! No, we are not going to update it once a year-that seems like a lot of work and frankly no one has that kind of foresight. No, we are gonna try updating you with the latest music each week! So check out this week’s releases! (I might have used the word “week” more than I’m comfortable with in this little write-up… oh well… moving on) We have the newest pop-punk gem from Scoville Unit, as well as 4 otherworldly, punky, garage-y, releases from Slovenly Records. Check out the latest from Control Freaks, Hand & Leg, CR Dicks, and a reissue from Gino and the Goons. Enjoy!