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Tim Rutilli & Craig Ross "10 Seconds To Collapse (Jealous Butcher)"

Honestly, I didn’t even look at who the artist was before I started listening (I don’t have all day to wait for those iMessages previews to load APPLE!) to 10 Seconds To Collapse (Jealous Butcher) and as soon as it started I exclaimed (in google chat form) “OH! THIS IS TIM FROM CALIFONE” (and then I said “sorry about the caps lock”)  because Time sure has one of those voices that you know instantly. Tim Rutilli & Craig Ross have teamed back up to bring us another round of their “early 70’s Am radio pop and deconstructed folk songs built up from drones and loops” (thanks Tim for the ultra-accurate PR). Check out the first single from the album, the Red Red Meat-y “The Day Before The Peaches Rot.”