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Titus Andronicus "A Productive Cough (Merge)"

Hey look, I know I’m not the most popular guy, but on Facebook I have 35,000 friends (ALL REAL and oddly very opinionated with terrible english grammer), and well… only ONE got tickets to see Bruce Springsteen on Broadway? So how would I’d advise all 34,999 of the rest of my FB Friends (i’m look at you Svetlana), to drown their sorrows? Well until Titus Andronicus lead man Patrick Stickles gets a broadway show (we can get that to happen right?), dig into A Productive Cough.  Patrick has put together eight tunes that sound like a fun night at your local tavern with your mates after pounding several whiskeys. So until we can get “TITUS ON BROADWAY” jam out to “the most fun you’ll have with a cover of Bob Dylan’s “Like A Rolling Stone” – Playbill Magazine” and check out “Number One (In New York).”