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Sad Planets "Akron, Ohio (Tee Pee)"

Besides being the tire capital of the world, Akron, Ohio also turns out some serious music. Devo. The Cramps. Chrissy Hynde. Add to that list the newly formed Sad Planets. Who, you may ask, comprises these new favorite sons of Akron? Well, please welcome John Petkovic (he of GBV, Sweet Apple, Cobra Verde, and more) and Patrick Carney (he of The Black Keys) to this blurb. The two dudes have been friends for a while and finally decided to commit said friendship to album for posterity. As you would expect, Patrick handles all the drums – but also plays some synths among other stuff, and John handles the guitars and vocals. The sound on Akron, Ohio is a little bit of both of the boys band’s sounds mixed together, as is evidenced by the peppy “Want You To Want You.”